The Pass Plus course is a set of courses designed to help new drivers build on their driving skills. It helps to boost confidence, reduce the chances of a crash and save you money on your insurance premiums.

It’s usually carried out by a Pass Plus-approved driving instructor (ADI) and takes at least six hours to complete. Some modules are theory-based – for example, driving in different weather conditions or motorway driving.

It doesn’t reduce your car insurance

There is a common belief that taking extra driving lessons through the Pass Plus scheme can reduce car insurance. But this isn’t always the case.

In fact, according to research by Money Supermarket, the Pass Plus discount doesn’t make much difference to the average driver’s premiums.

That said, if you’re an inexperienced driver and need a boost in your confidence before taking to the roads on your own, this course could help.

It also gives additional training in situations that you may not have covered during your driving lessons. For example, it covers night driving and challenging weather conditions such as snow and heavy rain.

The most important thing to remember is that you should complete your Pass Plus course with an experienced driving instructor who has registered with the government’s Pass Plus scheme. This is crucial as you need to prove that you have passed the course to qualify for a discount on your insurance.

It’s not for everyone

The Pass Plus course is not for everyone, but it is worth a try if you have been out of practice or are looking to brush up on your driving skills. It will not help you reduce your insurance bill but it is a great way to boost your confidence behind the wheel and it might be enough to put your head above water in the competitive world of car ownership.

You should speak to your instructor before committing to a Pass Plus course or any sort of extra lessons. They should be able to tell you exactly what you’ll get from the outset, and they’ll have a good idea of which modules are practical and which are theory-based. The most important thing is to take the time to read the paperwork and ask plenty of questions, and make sure your instructor is a good fit for you. It’s also worth mentioning that not every company will offer the same class of Pass Plus courses, so be clear about your expectations before committing to anything.

It’s not a test

The Pass Plus course is a short driving training course that can help new drivers in the UK improve their skills and safety on the roads. It’s a great way to increase your confidence as a driver and can be taken any time after you pass your driving test, but is most beneficial in the first year of passing.

The course is taught by a qualified driving instructor and takes a minimum of six hours to complete. It’s important to make sure you are using a registered ADI as not all instructors can offer the course and some may be unqualified to do so.

The Pass Plus course also covers additional skills not covered by your practical driving test. These include motorway and nighttime driving. The Pass Plus course will teach you to navigate dual carriageways, understand lane discipline, and how deal with road debris, snow and heavy rain. It will also teach you to be aware of your blind spots and the needs of vulnerable road users.

It’s not a qualification

Passing your driving test can be a huge achievement but it doesn’t mean you’re an expert driver. You need to build on your skills and knowledge to become a safer driver, and the Pass Plus course can help you do just that.

The Pass Plus course consists of six modules covering aspects of driving that you may not have covered in your driving lessons, such as motorway and nighttime driving. Your instructor will teach you how to use your headlights correctly, understand the different levels of light and how judge speed and distance at night.

The modules cover a wide range of driving experiences, from town driving to complicated junctions and country lanes. All of them are designed to make you a more confident driver and will be invaluable as you progress towards independence on the road.