We cannot deny that the thought of fleets of ‘driverless’ cars filling up the network of roads is not one that fills our hearts with joy.

No matter which tests are completed in regards to safety, would you feel safe with a driverless lorry travelling close up behind your car? No, us neither!!!

An interesting new slant was recently identified by the Telegraph in the following article:

Why you might need to pass a new autonomous driving test – and so might your car

Both drivers and cars should have to pass a new driving test in order to be able to drive autonomously on the road, according to an EU think tank. Joe Dunn reports
Autonomous cars and their drivers should be required to pass a new-style driving test before being allowed on the roads, according to an influential EU think-tank.

The new test is likely to be radically different to the one that British drivers are currently required to pass and is aimed at preparing them for the task of relinquishing and wresting back control of a vehicle which is capable of driving itself.

The recommendations are contained in a report published yesterday by the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) and come at the same time as Volvo, the Swedish car maker, announced plans to start trialing its autonomous technology in London from next year.

An interesting concept isn’t it?

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