The Pass Plus driving course in the UK is a practical training scheme designed to improve the skills of newly qualified drivers and enhance their safety on the road.

What Does the Course Entail?

The course covers six modules, each focusing on a different aspect of driving. These include:

  1. In-town driving
  2. All-weather driving
  3. Out-of-town driving and rural roads
  4. Night driving
  5. Dual carriageways
  6. Motorways

Each module can be theory-based or practical, but most people will do at least 5.5 hours of practical driving.

Requirements for the Course

The Pass Plus course is open to drivers who have passed their practical driving test and received their full UK driving licence. There is no formal test for Pass Plus – instead, you’re assessed throughout the course and must successfully complete all the modules.

Duration for Completion

The Pass Plus course takes a minimum of 6 hours to complete. However, the duration can be extended if the instructor believes a driver needs more training. The course can be taken in one day, or it can be spread over a few days.

Pass Plus can be beneficial for new drivers, potentially leading to lower car insurance premiums. However, not all insurance companies offer discounts for Pass Plus, so it’s worth checking with your provider.