As the UK Government continues the movement towards creating more and more online services, from the June 2015, driving licences will become completely paperless.

For almost 20 years, UK drivers have been expected to keep two parts of a driving licence: one a sheet of paper detailing their penalty points and endorsements, with the other being a plastic ID card. As of June 2014, the paper element of the licence will be phased out.

Why is this happening?

“The reason for abolishing the counterpart is to reduce the burden on motorists,” a The UK Driving Licence is About To Changegovernment spokesperson explained.

“For most drivers there simply isn’t a need to have this information on a piece of paper when it is now freely and easily available online. It also saves drivers from paying £20 to replace a lost or damaged counterpart,” they told the Plymouth Herald.

When are the changes coming into effect?

Earlier this year minister announced that all paper counterparts to licences would no longer be valid after 8th June this year. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) are also advising all drivers to destroy their paper counterparts.

If my licence was issued before 1998 do I need to get a new licence?

No. Your licence will still be valid and does not need to be replaced, until it is due for renewal.

“The next time you need to update your name, address or renew your licence, you will be issued with a photocard only,” a DVLA spokesperson told The Daily Telegraph.

How will I check my driving record?

All of your details – and the details of Britain’s approximately 30 million motorists – will be compiled on an online database that you will be able to access. The decision is part of the government’s “Red Tape Challenge”.

The site, launched last year, is available here but those who wish can still request their records either by telephone or post.

I’m a business owner and employer. How will these changes affect me?

A similar site for employers, allowing them to check the driving details of possible employees, is planned for launch at some point in spring this year. A date for the launch has not yet been released.

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