The Pass Plus test is a short driving course designed to help newly qualified drivers improve their skills and safety on the road. In recent years, the benefits of taking the Pass Plus test have become increasingly apparent, making it an attractive option for many new drivers. In this article, we will explore the top 5 benefits of taking the Pass Plus test in 2023, as well as provide some additional information about the course itself.

1. Improved Confidence and Driving Skills

One of the primary benefits of taking the Pass Plus test is the improvement in driving skills and confidence that it provides. The course is tailored to cover various aspects of daily driving that may not have been thoroughly covered during standard driving lessons.

1.1 Town Driving

The Pass Plus course helps drivers navigate complex junctions, make better use of their observational skills, and understand the importance of maintaining a safe distance around their vehicle. This module also highlights the needs of vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists.

1.2 All-Weather Driving

The course helps drivers understand how various weather conditions can affect their vehicle’s handling and performance. It also teaches them how to prevent and handle skidding and adjust their driving techniques according to the weather conditions.

1.3 Rural Driving

Driving on rural roads presents unique challenges, such as blind bends, slow-moving vehicles, and animals on the road. The Pass Plus course helps drivers develop the skills necessary to safely navigate these situations.

1.4 Night Driving

The Pass Plus test also covers night driving, which can be particularly challenging for new drivers. This module teaches drivers how to use their headlights properly, adjust to different light levels, and judge distances and speeds in the dark.

1.5 Dual-Carriageway and Motorway Driving

Finally, the Pass Plus course covers driving on dual carriageways and motorways, which can be intimidating for new drivers. This module focuses on safe lane usage, overtaking, and following the proper procedures in case of a breakdown.

2. Enhanced Road Safety

Another significant benefit of taking the Pass Plus test is the enhancement of road safety. As the course covers a wide range of driving scenarios and conditions, drivers who complete the Pass Plus test are better equipped to handle various situations on the road.

2.1 Reduced Accident Risk

By improving their driving skills and confidence, Pass Plus graduates are less likely to be involved in accidents. This not only benefits the individual driver but also contributes to overall road safety.

2.2 Increased Awareness

The Pass Plus course emphasizes the importance of awareness and observation while driving. This helps drivers become more aware of potential hazards and enables them to react appropriately to prevent accidents.

3. Potential Insurance Discounts

One of the most attractive benefits of taking the Pass Plus test is the potential for insurance discounts. Many insurance providers recognize the value of the Pass Plus course and may offer discounts to drivers who have completed it.

3.1 Savings for Young Drivers

Young drivers often face high insurance premiums due to their lack of experience. Completing the Pass Plus course can help them demonstrate their commitment to safe driving and may result in lower insurance costs.

3.2 Discounts from Participating Insurers

While not all insurance providers offer discounts for Pass Plus graduates, many do recognize the value of the course and may provide discounts accordingly. It’s essential to research and compare different insurance providers to find the best deal.

4. No Formal Test Requirement

Unlike the initial driving test, there is no formal examination required to complete the Pass Plus course. Instead, drivers are assessed across each of the six individual modules, and their instructor must be confident that they have reached the required standard in all disciplines before issuing a Pass Plus certificate.

4.1 Flexible Learning Experience

This lack of a formal test allows for a more flexible learning experience, as the course can be tailored to the specific needs and abilities of each driver. This can provide a more relaxed and enjoyable learning environment, ensuring that drivers gain the most from the experience.

4.2 Focus on Skill Development

Without the pressure of a formal test, the Pass Plus course can focus on developing driving skills and confidence in real-world situations. This practical approach to learning can be highly beneficial for new drivers.

5. Lifelong Driving Skills

Finally, the Pass Plus test aims to equip drivers with lifelong driving skills that will benefit them throughout their entire driving careers. These skills can help drivers stay safe on the road and adapt to changing driving conditions and environments.

5.1 Continuous Improvement

The skills learned during the Pass Plus course can be continuously built upon and improved as drivers gain more experience on the road. This focus on continuous improvement ensures that drivers are always prepared for the challenges they may face while driving.

5.2 Adapting to Changing Conditions

As driving conditions and environments change, the skills learned during the Pass Plus course can help drivers adapt and stay safe. This adaptability is particularly valuable in today’s rapidly changing world.

Additional Information

Cost of Pass Plus

The cost of the Pass Plus course can vary depending on the instructor and location. However, most courses cost between £150-£200. Some local councils may offer discounts for residents who wish to enrol in the Pass Plus scheme. Be sure to check with your local council for potential discounts.


The Pass Plus course is open to anyone who has previously passed their driving test and wishes to improve their driving skills. While new drivers will find the course most useful, more experienced drivers can also benefit from the additional training provided by the Pass Plus course.

In conclusion, the Pass Plus test offers numerous benefits for new drivers, including improved confidence and driving skills, enhanced road safety, potential insurance discounts, a flexible learning experience, and lifelong driving skills. By investing in a Pass Plus course, drivers can set themselves up for a safer and more enjoyable driving experience in 2023 and beyond.