Similar to a practical driving test, taking a mock is an excellent way to calm your nerves and gain some experience on how you might perform in real-world conditions.

It can also give you an idea of what your instructor may expect of you. Furthermore, taking one a few weeks prior to your test may be beneficial so that you have time to work on any areas of driving that could use improvement.

Your instructor will be more than experienced in sitting in on driving tests

Your instructor is more than likely experienced in taking driving tests and will have a good sense of whether you’re ready to proceed. They don’t make money out of these exams, so they want you to pass.

Your instructors can give you advice on what to expect during your driving test, helping ensure the most out of the experience. For instance, they may suggest practicing hand signals until you feel confident using them.

Be sure to regularly check your mirrors and look over your shoulder for potential accidents. Doing this can help avoid mishaps and ensure your car is in the correct position when changing lanes or making a turn.

You’ll be able to get used to the test format

Mock driving tests are an excellent way to become acquainted with the test format and ease your nerves before the actual exam. They may even help you relax before taking it for real.

Mock tests provide an invaluable opportunity to practice driving in all sorts of weather conditions and at various times of day. Furthermore, they allow you to practice manoeuvres such as turning into and out of roundabouts and making emergency stops.

Your instructor will take you along roads that mirror those in your practical test, enabling them to duplicate the examiner’s actions and detect any minor mistakes made during practice.

Many tests will involve following sat nav or road signs to your intended destination. To ensure you can use these correctly and pass your exam, it’s recommended that you practice using them frequently prior to taking the actual test.

You’ll be able to get to know your instructor

Mock driving tests can be an excellent opportunity to get to know your instructor better. Unlike normal lessons, mock tests will put you under test conditions so that they can provide feedback at the end of the session.

Taken at least four weeks prior to their practical driving test, taking a mock driving test can help calm nerves. Students usually schedule this appointment so that they have time to refine any areas where they feel unconfident.

Your instructor will strive to make the test as realistic as possible, including road features and performing multiple manoeuvres to simulate what will occur on test day. This helps build your confidence while becoming acquainted with various traffic conditions.

You’ll be able to get used to the vehicle

Feeling secure in your car is one of the most essential steps when preparing for your driving test. Doing this will reduce any nerves you might experience and allow you to maximize the learning experience.

Before your test drive, it is wise to take a short test drive in the car you plan on using. This will give you an opportunity to inspect everything from tire tread depth and interior electronics.

Be wary of any unusual sounds your car makes that could indicate an engine or transmission problem. A musty or moldy smell might indicate water damage has taken place on the vehicle.

It’s wise to become acquainted with the roads where you will take your test, in order to be aware of speed limits and potential hazards.