“My experience with the surrey driving force is absolutely great! My driving instructor Steve is very positive, understanding and patient. I always receive helpful advice and make progress with every lesson! I have had other instructors before but I feel like I am making more progress now than ever before. I would definitely recommend it to everyone!”

Albina Maslovskaya

“Currently just finished my 5th driving lesson with Steve Hawkins at SDF. Steve has not only continued to better my confidence but he also makes me laugh throughout lessons. He is patient, funny and I always feel safe during his lessons. I already feel that I have learnt a lot in the 5 lessons I have had! I would highly recommend SDF for anyone who is keen on learning how to drive!”

Anesha Tarapdar

“Thank you Rob Andrews! Just passed my test first time with only 4 minors. I would highly recommend Rob to anyone learning to drive whether you are a beginner or have some experience already. The lessons are very enjoyable and relaxing and you make noticeable progress each lesson. I really appreciated the effort he put in to provide revision emails that helped with everything that could possibly come up in the test. I felt very well prepared and at ease on test day thanks to Robs focused session before the test and his silly jokes as well. Thanks again!”

Anna Wilkins

“I am really enjoying learning to drive with SDF. I have only had a couple of lessons but am learning new things each week. Steve is an experienced instructor and I feel comfortable when doing new things in the car and am learning at my own pace.”

Chloe Thompson

“I failed a couple of tests over 30 years ago and decided to try again in an automatic. After searching thoroughly for a driving school I decided to go with Surrey Driving Force. What a good decision that proved to be. Andy was my instructor and I cannot praise him highly enough. He was always so calm and really clear with any instructions he was giving me. He gave me the confidence to pass my test today, something I never imagined possible after my first lesson. So to sum up if your looking for a driving school Surrey Driving Force is the one for you.”

Simon Bradbury

“Passed with Rob Andrews first time today, So happy that I have passed! having failed previously with two other driving instructors, Rob is clear, punctual, and hard but fair with his pupils. He knows how to transfer the knowledge simply to pass your test. I found Rob friendly and helpful when portraying the knowledge. Thanks again Rob, great instructor!”

Matthew Johnson

“I remember you had the idea for this business name back when I was learning to drive (ok it was awhile ago) since then I have driven in more than 10 countries, on both sides of the road, on mountain roads and highways. I always feel like I can handle anything and that I can stay calm if it is tough and I know that was down to your amazing teaching. Thank you and so glad to see the business is still giving this to young people!”

Natasha Grant Skinner

“Have just started my lessons with Steve and it is great, very patient and teaches me at my own speed!! Would definitely recommend to anyone starting out or just a little rusty! Thanks Steve”

Teri Deacon

“Very good would recommend to everyone”

Ella Rees

“Great prices for lessons! Only had a couple of lessons so far but can assure you that you definitely get more out of the lessons than you pay for! Highly recommend to anyone looking for driving lessons with an instuctor who works at your pace but pushes you further at the same time!”

Helena Su

“Steve Hawkins is fantastic!! Lovely guy, funny, and helps you learn very quickly!!! Would highly recommend”

Holly Lawrence

“My experience with Surrey Driving Force so far has been superb. I have been doing lessons for about a month now with Steve and his teaching is excellent. He explains things so well and offers a lot of encouragement, while also letting me work at my own pace. I would highly recommend SDF to anyone looking for lessons!”

Nicole Hwata

“I started learning with Kish at the end of July, and in the couple of weeks that we have been driving together I have learnt a lot and my confidence continues to grow. Kish is an incredible instructor; he is friendly, patient and caters his type of teaching to the individual needs of the student. He has been completely open with me every step of the way, ensuring that I have the opportunity to make informed decisions around my progress. I would recommend Surrey Driving Force to anyone wanting to learn to drive.”

Sian Anderson

“I have been learning with Andy from Surrey Driving Force for a few months now and throughly enjoying it, would recommended to anyone wanting to learn how to drive.”

Lauren Walker

“I have been having lessons with Steve for almost a month now and already feel confident enough to book my test, he is flexible with times and destinations of lessons, he is able to give clear instructions and makes me feel comfortable and confident in all of my lessons. Steve allows me to learn at my own pace but offers a lot of encouragement, would recommend Surrey driving force to anyone looking to learn to drive”

Marnie Morgan

“Steve is a great instructor! He explains everything so well and I am already starting to feel confident driving after only 4 hours. Steve knows what he is talking about and I cannot wait to learn more”

Poppy Hodge

“I am absolutely loving my driving lessons with Steve. He pushes me to my limit and gives me new challenges which he knows I can eventually succeed in and makes me feel so relaxed when driving! I would definitely recommend Surrey Driving Force!”

Sophie McConnon

“I am loving my lessons with SDF, Steve makes sure I am fully confident at everything he teaches me before moving onto something new and always tells me what I am good at and need improving on which helps me a lot! I definitely enjoy my lessons and could not recommend anyone anymore!”

Cayti Wilson

“I Passed my test first time with no minors, and I am sure that Kish, my instructor, was completely to thank for this. I have had previous lessons in Dover and Peckham and none of those instructors took the time to work out my driving style and tailor lessons accordingly. Wish was very patient and spend time working on my flaws to help e become a much better driver. Thanks Kish and SDF”

Ryan Dodd

“My instructor Steve has been excellent, explaining everything patiently and making the experience less intimidating with his humorous and relaxed approach – would definitely reccomend!”

Ella Sumner

“I passed my driving test first time last week all thanks to my amazing instructor Rob Andrews! If you are feeling hesitant or nervous about driving, then Rob is the instructor for you. In our lessons not only did he build my confidence and help settle my nerves from my first lesson until test day but also had me laughing all the way through! I highly recommend taking lessons with Rob. You definitely won�t regret it!”

Louisa Farrell

“I have had an amazing time learning how to drive with Surrey Driving Force. My instructor Leon was super supportive and friendly and always made me feel safe and secure in the car whatever the situation. I passed my test with 3 minors and would highly recommend Leon and Surrey Driving Force to all those looking to learn.”

Takudzwa CoCo Majari‎

“Surrey Driving Force, in all honesty is brilliant. The teaching from the instructors is impeccable, because they are informative, funny, friendly, patient and comforting. These qualities make me really enjoy my lessons and this has shown through my progression with my driving. For what you get, the price is very reasonable. I would definitely recommend new learners to join!”

Jade Davis

“I have only had a couple lessons with Steve and I am so pleased that I have chosen Surrey driving force. Steve is an incredible driver that knows what he is talking about and have helped me so much to be a more confident driver. He considers that everyone has a different learning speed, and is very patient and motivating in every aspect of the lessons. Would defo recommend Surrey driving force when you are looking for a friendly and very knowledgeable instructors!”

Jamellah Paragas

“I had an amazing experience with SDF. Rob Andrews was my driving instructor and I would recommend him to anyone. He was thorough, committed and an all round awesome instructor . You could tell he really cares about his job and wants everyone to pass with flying colours. Passing with one minor is testament to that!”

Max Garvey-Windrich

“I passed my practical test today, 1st attempt with 5 minors. Thank you so much andy butler for the knowledge and being so patience everytime i made mistake…i like andy coz he is always punctual on time and flexible. He is strict yes! But you will learn alot especially me i have already bad habbits in my driving. Everytime i made mistake he always explain which is good.. just listen to him and you will passed…Thanks surrey driving force…tip: always read first for the review before choosing the school for driving. Thats what i did! …Thank you again andy!.. highly recommended to anyone who wants to drive and passed automatic car….”

Deszhie Hacek

“I passed my test yesterday: first attempt !! I am very happy about it and I cannot thanks Andy Butler enough. He is so patient and observant. He pays attention to very minute details. Every time I made any mistake, he tried to understand my thought process and tried to train my mind so I did not repeat the same mistake again. He is pretty focused and tries to drive down the point and routine each time around. He is also very flexible when rearranging lessons which is always a plus point when you are working full time. Thank you again Andy !!!”

Charu Singh

“I passed my practical test today, 1st attempt with 5 minors. Thank you so much andy butler for the knowledge and being so patience everytime i made mistake…i like andy coz he is always punctual on time and flexible. He is strict yes! But you will learn alot especially me i have already bad habbits in driving. Everytime i made mistake he always explain which is good.. just listen to him and you will passed…Thank surrey driving force…tip: always read first for the review before choosing the school for driving. That what i did! …Thank you again andy!”

Odessa hHcek

“I have just recently passed my driving test, first time with only 2 minors!! And would like to thank Andy Butler for being a fantastic instructor. I could not have asked for a better instructor. He was patient, supportive, encouraging and filled me with confidence. I would highly recommend him to any learner. Thank you very much Andy.”

Dani Di Placito

“Neil was a fantastic driving instructor! He was extremely patient and let me go at my own pace which I really appreciated. Very professional, reliable and informative. I found he would alter his teaching techniques depending on my learning style which again I found really useful. I would 100% recommend Neil and Surrey Driving Force.”


“I have had the most amazing experience with Surrey Driving Force. The owner Steve Hawkins is absolutely amazing and can cater for anyones driving needs, whatever they may be. As a nervous driver with little confidence, I contacted Steve in hope of rebuilding my confidence with a highly recommended driving instructor as I had seen so many good reviews about him. He has been brilliant the whole way through, scheduling lessons around my work and social life. Nothing is ever too much to ask with Steve and he will do everything he can to ensure you have a smooth, comfortable experience learning to drive that is relaxed and productive. You leave every lesson a better driver taking away new skills, no time is wasted and Steve is always generous with his time. Steve is so friendly and lessons always feel light hearted, which is what I needed because I was such a nervous student. I would recommend Steve and Surrey Driving Force to everyone and anyone I know. I have had a great experience from start to finish and will hopefully be passing my test next Friday to mark the end of my learning experience! I do my lessons in my own little Fiat 500 and my Mum occasionally sits in the back so she can observe in order to help me when I practice with her outside of lesson time. If you learn with Steve you can also have the pleasure of driving his brand new BMW! (Or a Kia if you are looking for something a little smaller!!). Thank you so much for all of your help Steve, I cannot recommend you enough!”

Rachel Lynch

“Excellent driving instructor, plus he has got the best car as an instructor”

Joshua Marshall

“First time pass today with only 1 minor!! All thanks to my brilliant instructor JOHN RYAN! Could not have done it without him and cannot recommend him enough; very patient and friendly, and explains everything amazingly. Thank you John!”

Yasmin Sami

“I have had a couple lessons with Surrey Driving Force and I can say that my skills have definitely improved and so has my confidence. Would definitely reccomend.”


“Amazing! So generous with the timing and boosts your confidence over time so well! Definitely recommend for first time learners and ones who has had lessons but stopped”

Tharushi Maheshika

“First time pass today with just 2 minors all down to Rob Andrews,very friendly knowledgeable and keeps you calm before your test”

Andrew Gibbs

“I love learning with Surrey Driving Force. My instructor (Steve) really explains things well and makes sure I really understand and feel comfortable while driving. I feel myself learning quickly and becoming increasingly more confident in a car, and its because I have the best teacher!!”

Amy Taylor

“I have just started to learn to drive and I chose Surrey Driving Force to teach me. I can honestly say my experience so far has been great, that must be down to my driving instructor Steve. I cannot wait until my next lesson so I can learn more.”

William Parkinson

“Had rob Andrews, really great experience would recommend”

Ben Bradford

“I have just talking my practical test with rob Andrews first time pass really pleased with my results only 7 minors I really enjoyed my lessons and helped me with everything I needed and made me fill conftable”

Louis Clark

“FIRST TIME PASS!! Rob Andrews is the best! He is really patient and helpful and a great teacher. Thank you so much rob!!”

Becky Hale