“I would thoroughly recommend Surrey Driving Force. From the first point of contact they were professional and helpful. My instructor, Steve, has a wonderfully calm manner and was always very encouraging. He explained everything very clearly and in addition provided helpful guides to study at home. I would suggest, if you are considering taking driving lessons – look no further! You will pass with Steve! Many thanks to Steve and Surrey Driving Force!”

Frederica Greatorex

“Just started lessons with this company and it has been amazing, have learnt so much in such little time and my instructor Steve Hawkins has been able to fit in my desired lessons around my busy schedule!! definitely recommend this company to anyone wanting to start!!”

Danny de Abela-Borg

“Thanks Steve for getting me through the test, you’ve been a really great instructor and i’d definitely recommend you or SDF to anyone! of the 5 instructors i’ve had you were the only one I could stick it out with, so that must be saying something!”

Yasmin Sarioglu

“After having 4 instructors with countless different driving companies and all of which I didn’t feel comfortable driving with, so I called Surrey driving force for help! Steve gave me lots of advice And information over the phone and got me in touch with an instructor in my area. Roger has taught me more than all of my previous instructors all together! He gave me lots of pointers and tips and was very calm and inspirational driving with me. I can not thank him enough! YES TO THE BEST DRIVING SCHOOL IN SURREY! Passed today with 1 minor, proof!”

Ellis Bavington-Hall

“Passed my test first time, which to be honest, would not have been possible if I hadn’t had the immense help from this great driving school and my incredible instructor. The whole organisation is very professional and friendly. And to my knowledge all the instructors are as highly qualified as my instructor Roger. Would recommend this driving school to anyone who wants to learn quickly, efficiently and become a good driver!”

Amir Reza Malekzadeh

“Rob has proven to be an excellent instructor. Firstly, Rob has been hugely flexible with scheduling the lessons, and was always able to accommodate changes in my diary. Secondly, Rob has developed a schedule for practicing manoeuvers, driving in the city and unsupervised driving so that those skills build up toward the exam in an optimal way. I passed my exam the first time. Well done!”

Stefan Szyniszewski

“I passed my test first time with 20 hours of lessons, my instructor Rob was amazing and helped me learn from scratch as a 17 year old boy and motivated me to glide through my practical test. The availability of the driving force and my instructor was moulded around me to my most convenient times, I really recommend the driving school and the instructor Rob, for a great driving and learning experience!”

George Stone

“Big Thanks to Andy for his patience and excellent driving lessons which helped me pass the test in first attempt! Thanks again!”


“I have just passed my test at 32 years of age after less than a year of lessons. Roberto is a fantastic teacher whose help has been amazing. I was not the easiest of students but Rob is patient and very supporting. Many thanks, Ivan”

Ivan Barisnikov

“Initially I wasn’t a fan of driving but my instructor Steve has been excellent and my confidence has improved dramatically from his clear instruction and belief in my capability. He’s been patient and helpful and I would absolutely recommend Surrey Driving Force.”

Betty Fisher

“Big thanks to Kish and Steve at Surrey driving force.
Passed taxi driver driving test first time Had been well prepaired by Kish who arranged mock test with Steve after that the test was easy Thanks again Kish u de MAN!”


“As I have never driven a car before, I was a little bit anxious before my first lesson, but my driving instructor (Steve Hawkins) made the whole experience very enjoyable. He is always very patient, but at the same time ensures that I continuously improve. I am currently having lessons 5-6 times a week and they are always conveniently fitted around my schedule. Overall, I am very satisfied and would recommend Steve and the Surrey Driving Force without hesitation.”

Anitta O

“Thankyou for all your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Alex Keens

“Thank you Steve! I will miss our lessons and your jokes! Definitely the best driving instructor!”

Hanaa Abdennour

“I am very grateful to Geoff for all the hard work he put in that I passed first time! Also for all the patience and positivity – Thank you Geoff! I will be recommending you!”


“My experience with Surrey Driving Force has been very smooth and relaxed. After trying out several other driving schools I can honesty say that it is by far the most efficient one. My instructor Andy gave very relaxed and stress-free lessons that led to a first time Pas. O highly recommend it if you are looking for a good school and great instructors.”


“A massive thank you to Steve, who somehow managed to get me to pass first time round despite the fact I broke my toe a couple of weeks before my test! I would highly recommend Surrey Driving Force to anyone who is looking for lessons as a first time driver.”

Alice Turner

“Recommend Phil! He was fantastic!! I never expected to pass first time but he made it possible 🙂 He was very good with fitting my lessons around my work and picking me up from work ect. I was with a different driving school before I went with SDF and you are 100x better!! Look forward to to doing my pass plus with you. Thank you Phil! And thanks for the monkey 😀 !”


“Words cannot express how grateful I am to Pete, my driving instructor, right now. I just passed my test earlier today and I am still in shock! It is thanks to him that I managed to keep my calm and just be positive and make progress. Throughout this whole journey he has been extremely patient and clear and adapted a personal approach to suit my learning style. Pete, I cannot thank you enough, making me laugh before my test really helped and I just hope many others get to benefit from your teaching. You are awesome! Thank you Pete and Surrey Driving Force, I will be recommending you!”

Rhiannon Donkin

“My driving Instructor was Andy and he was very patient and professional. Although I already had experience in driving back home in my country for a long time ,he told me that the most important thing about driving in the UK is observation and safety . I kept that in mind and as a result, I passed the test today…….!!!!!”

Jessie Balagan

“Keish what can I say about him was a really good tutor and made everything simple and it only took 3 days I couldn’t of asked for more thanks!”


“Thanks Phil, you were an amazing instructor, very patient and calm when I made mistakes, always tried to make every lesson exciting and personal to me! So happy I’ve passed!”

Vikram Rajendran

“I have been learning with my instructor (Steve Hawkins) for just over a week and I can already see I am making good progresses on the road everyday. Steve is a really experienced teacher and explains everything clearly, and he is most reliable, courteous, and patient. I am glad that I found Surrey Driving Force on the internet and decided to learn with Steve. Would definitely recommend.”

Li Dong

“I have been with Surrey Driving Force for almost two months, and I can say that they are absolutely excellent. My instructor, specifically Steve, has been amazing, including his timetable being quite flexible around my time too. He has managed to fit in many lessons for me as everyone would also like, is to be able to pass their driving test as soon as possible. I am now very confident when I am on the road, and hopefully on my way to passing my test the first time.”

Jeremy Chan

“Surrey Driving Force has made learning to drive an enjoyable experience! My instructor (steve) is friendly and helpful. I am pushed to improve my driving without ever feeling unsafe or stressed. The times for lessons can be fit around my difficult schedule. I would definitely recommend.”

Gregory Heeren

“Highly Recommended Driving School! My driving instructor Steve is very patient and helpful, but at the same time pushes me to do better . It has been a great learning experience and I am sure that this was the best decision I could have made in becoming a good and safe driver!”

Stephanie U

“I was quite anxious about learning to drive at first but my instructor (Vince) has been so patient and motivating. He has definitely boosted my confidence and makes me feel relaxed behind the wheel. He is very friendly and really flexible with timing to fit around my lectures. I would highly recommend him!”

Gyan Gurung

“My Instructor Steve is Patient and flexible which works with my schedule”

Sunshyne Teddy

“My instructor Vince of Surrey Driving Force is a lovely person and a very explainable instructor, who was introduced to me by Steve(also an excellent instructor with whom i first started lessons 4 years back) unfortunately I couldn’t continue my lessons with him due to my twins’ early birth. I went back to Surrey driving force this year as I know with my experience it’s the best driving school in the area. Vince always goes above and beyond to make you get ready for your test! I have loved going to all my lessons with Vince. He is very patient with me and he is flexible with timing. I can only speak well of Vince as he finds the strength and weaknesses and teach you with constructive criticisms. This helped me to build my confidence as I started my lessons after almost 4 years gap. His style of teaching is flawless, he helps you build your confidence and not to just pass your test but also become a very careful and good driver.He is very realistic about the goals and helps you achieve them. I look forward to my test very soon,with confidence. I will highly recommend Vince.He is amazing.”

Farwin Ismail

“Just had my first ever driving lesson, was really nervous to start with, but was put at ease straight away, and now really looking forward to my next lesson .. Can’t wait”

Xiaobo Ning

“Really good, reliable. Really friendly and helpful driving instructor. Would highly recommend. Reasonably priced and very accommodating.”

BMaisie Durant

“Surrey driving force is the only place I would recommend, I have Steve as my driving instructor and he is friendly and a good pusher, he has never let me down with any driving lessons or never late! I would highly recommend them for you or anyone you know wanting driving lessons!”

Matt Button

“I had a really good experience learning to drive with Surrey Driving Force. I pass first time! My driving instructor was Rob Schifano who is a highly qualified patient. friendly driving instructor and I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and I picked up the skills I needed to drive quickly due to Robs excellent teaching skills and very knowledgeable always able to answer and query I had. I am now very confident with my driving and its all thanks to my teacher Thoroughly recommend.”

Charlotte Goode

“I am still currently taking lesson with Surrey Driving Force, and I can honestly say that Steve, my instructor, and his colleagues make first time drivers feel completely at ease when getting into the drivers seat for the first time. Before learning to drive with Steve I had never been in the drivers seat of a car and many people thought I never would, however, despite some more eventful lessons than others I can say that I am more confident in driving even after only a few lessons. I would recommend Surrey Driving Force to any first time, and indeed any driver who are wishing to take lessons.”

Alice Turner

“Surrey Driving Force has made learning to drive an enjoyable experience! My instructor (steve) is friendly and helpful. I am pushed to improve my driving without ever feeling unsafe or stressed. The times for lessons can be fit around my difficult schedule. I would definitely recommend.”

Gregory Heeren

“I was very nervous about starting my driving lessons as I left it so long, I contacted surrey driving force and they were very friendly and informative, they found me a local instructor, ROB, who has been very flexible and fits lessons in around me. Rob has done a fantastic job at teaching me how to drive, staying calm and explaining things in a way in which they are easy to understand and pick up and as each lesson passes I feel more and more comfortable approaching my test and confident in my manoeuvres. Thank you. would definitely recommend”

Sarah Feline

“Very friendly instructor who’s always been patient with me. Would recommend their services!”

Elinor Gittins

“I’ve really enjoyed learning to drive with Steve at Surrey Driving Force. After having five different instructors and not keeping it up with any of them, this is the first time I’ve continued with an instructor and got around to taking the theory test. Steve is a great instructor and really patient, I would recommend him to anyone.”

Yasmin S

“Surrey Driving Force were brilliant and compared to other instructors and schools in the area are really reasonably priced. My instructor Rob was very patient and really made me feel at ease and thanks to him I past my test first time! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a driving school.”

Sarah Richman

“This was the first driving school I called. For �15 per lesson for the first 3 lessons, I thought why not. My driving instructor Steve was so much fun that I decided that there was no need to look anywhere else. He was a really patient teacher and made me feel very comfortable when driving. It’s not a driving school that will teach you to pass with the bare minimum; it’s a driving school that helps you to become a confident driver and a great driver. I was so nervous on A roads but Steve took me up and down them even at 9 at night so I wouldn’t be scared when it got to my test! Definitely the best money I ever spent! Thanks Surrey Driving Force!”

Heather Perera

“Steve (and his collegues) at Surrey driving force are definetely very good at what they do. They take time to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate and tailor their lessons to suit the candidate. They are very knowledgeable of the practical exam and make it comfortable for the candidate on his test through mock tests. They explain the detail patiently and are persistent in their approach to ensure you master the technique. They do not beleive in short cuts to success and I strongly recommend them”

Gogineni Sailaja

“Steve Hawkings is an amazing instructor. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family, you should do the same. He has a very personal approach when teaching you the rules of the road and really helps you see the benefits of his teaching style. On a more personal note, he has a great personality and I would encourage people to give him a try to see for themselves. Take one lesson and his skills will ensure you come back again! Thanks for all your help.”

Ali Malik

“Thanks to Andy’s patience and skill I passed my test first time. Andy made me feel very comfortable and at ease and gave me the confidence and skills I needed to pass. I am so very happy, it has made a huge difference to mine and my children’s lives and we are very grateful. Thankyou :)”


“Bit of a delayed comment but I passed my driving test just before Christmas first time with no faults! I was very nervous and expected to fail. Thank you to Andy for teaching me how to drive and helping towards me passing first time! Am so happy! Still can’t believe I passed especially with no minors!”


“I rang about 10 driving schools when I was looking for an instructor, and they all jumped straight to the price and sounded like it was all about sales. Steve from Surrey Driving Force called me and talked to me for 20mins about what I am looking for etc without even mentioning prices until I asked which is why I requested he personally be my instructor. I also didn’t find anyone cheaper which was a bonus. I was a very nervous driver but Steve really helped me feel calm and safe whilst driving and reassured me that he wouldn’t let anything happen which really helped my confidence. The quality of teaching is great and yet he made the lessons fun with his banter and ‘jokes’. I always looked forward to my lessons with him. He encouraged me to get used to reading road signs so after I passed I didn’t even bother with a sat nav as I am used to following road signs. The great thing about my lessons was that they were never rushed unlike some other stories I’ve heard of (not with Surrey Driving Force). At the beginning when I was scared to drive on main roads, Steve would pick me up and drive me somewhere and then I would drive for an hour and then he would take me back. So you always get at least the full hour. I hear people say they only did 10mins of driving on their first lesson and 50mins talking but my first ‘hour’ lesson was a lot of talking AND nearly an hours driving for the price of one hour. Another great thing is the cars are nice and new! I learned in 2011 with a 11 plate new Fiesta. Lovely cars! Overall, it was a great learning experience with Steve, he is a great guy and really fun to have teach you. I’d happily recommend them to anyone. Oh and Steve managed to get me passed first time which makes him a miracle worker!”

Jayni Shah

“Excellent Driving school especially Steve is an excellent driving instructor. I remember when I had my first lesson I was so nervous but Steve is such an excellent instructor he didn’t let me feel that I am driving for first time. Very calm, patience, intelligent driving instructor. He always guide through his lesson. I remember whenever I used to do mistakes while driving he always used to stop me to tell where I went wrong and I think its really good when your driving instructor keeps an eye on your performance and time to time they tell you on which thing you have to do more practice.I think Surrey Driving force is such a professional driving school and filled with trust worthy driving instructors and the best thing about this driving school is that they give you mock test and in that test you have to sit with different driving instructor who look at your performance and tells you whether you r ready to give practical test or not. Every penny is worth when you learn driving from Surrey Driving Force. I would highly recommend everyone in Surrey who wants to learn driving they should take lesson from Surrey Driving Force.”

Deepika Ubbey

“I have had driving lessons with Steve from Surrey Driving Force for the past few months and he is the best driving instructor that I’ve ever had. He was calm and fair but firm. The nature of there company is great too because they can easily set up mock tests (perfect for knowing what the real thing will feel like). Less of a slog, I enjoyed learning to drive. Hope this is helpful”

Chris Dawson

“Many thanks to Andy for helping me passed my practical exam in one take today. I was really surprised I did at first time. Couldn’t have done so without Andy’s excellent driving skills. I really appreciate your patience and great company your a great teacher mate I will definitely be recommending you to friends in the future!!”

Jeffry Diones

“Thank you Steve for helping me past my test and putting up with my dramatic sound effects along the way! I will definitely be recommending you to friends in the future!”

Melissa Chalk

“Thank you very much for your wonderful training Vince. I appreciate your patience.”

Manoj Kumar

“A big Thank You to you Steve for teaching me how to drive. Thanks for being patient and you are fantastic. See you soon for a Pass Plus course. Thanks to Vince, Pete & Kish for the Mock test.”

Chandra Kondreddy

“A huge thank you to Kish, extremely good teacher. Very patient and very a very friendly guy. Thanks to his teaching and patience I was able to pass first time. Highly recommended. Cheers mate :)”

Conor White

“Many thanks to Steve Hawkins for teaching me to get through the driving test today at Chertsey. Steve is an excellent instructor, will definitely recommend him.”

Chandra Kondreddy

“Wanna say thanks 2 Steve for getting me through my test first time!! Great company great teachers!! Couldn’t off done it with u guys thanks and gd luck for the future!!!!”

Michael Wilton

“Just passed my driving test today, couldn’t have done so without Julie’s excellent, and most importantly patient, teaching! Thanks for all your help, Julie, will be sure to be back to do Pass Plus soon.”

Laura Baker

“A huge thank you to Pete for his patience, flexibility, positivity, encouragement & great sense of humour!! He’s a lovely person and from the very start made me feel at ease despite my nerves. I’m very grateful for his help and support without which I wouldn’t have passed today with flying colours. Highly recommended!!!”


“Kish is a great instructor; he is patient and understands the reasons behind your mistakes. He explains every matter of driving skill which prevents errors repetition. I would definitely recommend him.”


“I had several driving test failures under my belt, a gap of 8 years since my last lesson and lacked any confidence but I passed at Chertsey within 6 weeks of my first lesson with Steve at Surrey Driving Force. He built up my confidence and was very very patient as well as being flexible with lessons around my childcare needs. It is brilliant being able to drive. Thanks so much!!”

Nina Guy

“Huge thank you to Steve Hawkins for getting me through my test first time!! Great instructor, would definitely recommend! 🙂 Made lessons enjoyable, good sense of humour and very patient! Thank you for all your support! :)”

Hanna Start

“Thank you so much Surrey Driving Force, especially Kish who has been a great instructor and got me through my test. Great job, thank you.”

Anthony O’ Kelly

“Thank you so much to Surrey Driving Force especially Steve for helping me pass my test with only one minor I will never again forget to put the dipped headlights on before I press the fog light button!!! I couldn’t be happier, big thank you to Steve for putting up with me from 6.40am on the morning of my test to 9.30am and for calming down my nerves before my test started. Tasha x”

Natasha Blackmore da Silva

“I have been learning to drive since the middle of June, now thanks to Kish I passed my test today. He is by far the best instructor teacher and an all round great and friendly guy. I am so happy now I have passed and its all down to Kish, thanks so much buddy! :-)”

Thomas Palmer

“Just want to say thanks to you guys and Julie in particular. My instructor Julie was fantastic at settling my nerves, keeping me focused and fundamentally teaching me skills that I needed to keep safe on the roads and to pass my test first time in just 13 lessons. Your teaching was spot on, thank you!”


“Thanks to the whole team and most of all to Steve for all his invaluable help, without which it wouldn`t have been possible!!!”

Andreia Cipriani Cuttle

“I would like to say a massive thank you to Steve my ex driving instructor. Without his patience, guidance and good humour I would never have continued with my lessons and passed. As someone who didn’t enjoy driving and who was nervous Steve put me at my ease and gave me the confidence to past my test. I seriously can’t give higher praise. Many thanks !”


“Julie was a fantastic teacher and i can’t thank her enough for helping me to pass my test. Not just in the learning process but also building my confidence as well!”

Rob Jones

“I would like to say a huge thank you to Pete! Brilliant instructor, could always fit me in. Down to earth, patient and friendly & also a good sense of humour which I think helps when you’re a nervous driver! I passed today and owe it to Pete. I will be recommending him to anybody I know that wants to start learning to drive. Thanks again!! :-D”

Keeleigh Ripley

“Thank you very much vince, you’re a great instructor and i’ll highly recommend you to anyone that is thinking of learning to drive :)”

Mohan Uddin

“Many thanks to Steve for his super-human patience in helping me to pass first time. He was very flexible in his times and able to fit me in for long lessons at awkward times. Great instructor – I hope to get lessons again from Steve for Pass Plus. Also thanks to Vince and Pete for very helpful mock tests.”

David Felce

“I am very grateful to Julie from Surrey Driving Force for all the hard work she put in so that i passed first time and for all of the patience that she showed along the way. I think she is a fantastic driving instructor and would happily recommend her to anybody. Thank you very much!”

Josh Williamson

“Steve made me feel very comfortable driving in my new KA car. He was always very friendly, patient and helped me calm my nerves before my test. I didn’t feel under pressure at any time and he treated me with lots of respect.”

KA man

“I would like to give a shout out to my driving instructor Steve who was the most amazing teacher ever! Thanks for putting up with me stressing out telling you to shush all the time haha! Gonna miss our awesome driving lessons. Couldn’t have done it without you!”


“A huuuuuuge thank you to Steve for being patient with me and not shouting at me.. much.. only joking, i really appreciate all you did to help me succeed, the best instructor ever! Thanks Steve xx”

Ellie Mitchell

“I passed my practical driving test two years ago and just passed the private hire practical driving test last month, both at the first time of asking. I would like to say many thanks to Mr Kish for providing me with some fantastic driving lessons.

He is a phenomenal driving instructor with huge experience, calm, patience and friendly. I would gladly give a massive recommendation to Mr Kish for anyone who wants to pass the practical test in first time.


Maung Maung Htway

“I would like to say a massive thank you to Kish for getting me through my driving test. He is a fantastic driving instructor with great teaching as well as an all round good and friendly guy. highly recommended, Cheers Kish :)”

George Thornley

“Recently passed thanks to the calm assurance of my instructor kish, Recomending him to all of my friends now!!”

Tom Campbell

“Just completed the pass plus with Rob. Many thanks for helping me improve my driving and helping me gain confidence!”

Charlotte Davison

“Passed my Driving test………..yipeeeee. many thanks Steve for all your hard work and efforts…..”

Girish Kotian

“I’m absolutely delighted with the driving lessons that I received from Suzanne Roach at the Surrey Driving force. I passed last week, Suzanna’s lessons were always very encouraging, helpful and patient. He gave me so much confidence to be positive and being a safe driver. She takes time understanding your mistakes and analyzes them and then comes up with the best ways to correct those. I believe this makes her one of the best driving instructors in this part of surrey. I would recommend Suzanne to anyone who wants to progress with the best lesson. Thank you!” – Anthony”


“Thank you Steve (Hawkins) for all your help and patience with Gemma’s driving lessons. Despite being very nervous, she managed to pass first time and is over the moon. Would definitely recommend you to other learners.”

Victoria Kennedy

“A huge thank u to Vince for helping me belive in myself and for having so much patients with me have only had 4 lessons so far but have managed to pass my car theory test with his help and support I’m sure I will have my license soon thank u Vince could not do it with out u ;0)”

Henrietta Peel

“Would like to say a huge thank you to Steve for helping me pass first time with no minors. Thank you so much for all your support and your reliability”

Matt Cole

“Would like to thank Pete from Surrey Driving Force for teaching me how to drive and having all the patience in the world whilst teaching me thanks to Pete I passed my test first time. I would strongly recommend him to anybody who is learning to drive especially if you are very nervous just like I was. Even the day I took my test he kept me calm and was just in general a lovely person. Thank you pete.”

Lauren Justice

“Delighted I passed my driving test first time and would like to say thanks to Julie at Surrey Driving Force for all her help and patience. I would recommend Surrey Driving Force to anyone especially if they are nervous about learning to drive.”

Kevin McDonnell

“I’d like pass on huge thanks to Steve Hawkins at Surrey Driving Force for being a great driving instructor. After failing my test on 2 occasions with other driving schools, I immediately knew that I’d found the right instructor and passed my test at the next time of asking! Steve showed excellent patience and helped me quickly fill in all the blanks from my previous tuition. I would without doubt recommend Steve and SDF to anyone looking to pass their test at the 1st time of asking.”

James Davidson

“Thanks for being helpful on the phone and have booked my 1st lesson for next Tuesday x”

Jackie Moos Barber

“Having failed my test twice I decided to change driving school and went to Surrey Driving Force. My instructor was Steve who was really supportive and patient throughout. I have now just passed and am really over the moon, thanks for all your help.”


“BEST INSTRUCTOR OF ALL TIME!!! Not only did I pass my test first time, I learned a lot from him about driving safe and being more confident on the road. He is very good at conveying information and making it easy for learners to feel confident. I honestly can’t thank Steve enough!!!!”

Noor Khensous-Tayeb

“Passed first time with 2 minors and having most of my lessons at night with Rob Andrews! Really good instructor ! appreciated all his input and tips and used them during test! That was some good learning Rob!”

Pasi Entaban

“I was taught by Dave and I would thoroughly recommend it. His teaching is non judgemental and friendly. He is also flexible and accommodating – I learnt around full time work.”

Greg Goss-Durant

“Just passed my driving test first time thanks to Rob Andrews at SDF! Rob is an amazing instructor if you’re nervous about driving as I was, he will do all he can to prepare you for your test. Rob built up my confidence on the road gradually and taught me to drive with conviction while keeping lessons manageable and funny! I wholeheartedly recommend Rob as an instructor.”

Maaian Chavez

“Just passed with 4 minors today couldn’t have done it without the help of Rob Andrews he’s been fantastic.”

Reece Marriott

“I have been trying to get my license for two years all over the country and finally passed with Surrey Driving Force. Steve is an amazing instructor who helped me through my anxiety and got me to pass the first time I tried with him.”

Carmel van der Weide