Steve is beyond incredible. Fantastic instructor, very patient and professional, but at the same time has you at ease, making you feel confident. I couldn’t have asked for a better driving experience. Would highly recommend Surrey Drive Force and my instructor!

Martyna Kurowska

I passed first time with Steve he is amazing! Really did boost my confidence and put 100% in making sure I got my passion back to drive. Can’t thank him enough for all his help!
He is amazing!

Paige Ayres

I would highly recommend Surrey Driving Force- especially the instructer Steve as he was amazing at explaining things, very patient and super friendly! I can’t thank him enough for teaching me how to drive and making sure I passed first time.

Jasmine Garrood

A huge thank you to Steve my instructor for getting me through the test. He was so patient, supportive and enthusiastic about his job. He tried to work around my timings despite his busy schedule. I always felt so comfortable on my lessons and walked away feeling happy and a more confident driver every time. The mock test with Leon gave me a great opportunity to pinpoint my weaknesses and practise to solve them before the actual test. I passed first time, definitely recommend SDF and cannot thank them enough!

Behina Batebi

I would recommend Rob Andrews very highly as I have passed my driving test first time with only 7 minors. He is very calm, friendly and easy to get on with and very thorough with his teaching. I am happy to now be driving thanks to Rob.

Lewis Godden

I started to lean how to drive with the teacher Rob Andrews. When I started I was very nervous and scared about driving but with Rob’s help my confidence grow and I’m more able to do things by myself now. Rob has been one of the best teachers I’ve ever had in my life. He’s very nice, calm, respectful and patient. Whenever I would make a mistake Rob would be very patient with me and explain very clearly why the mistake happened and how I can improve from my mistake. I would definitely recommend Rob for anyone that lives in Surrey and needs a driving instructor.

Laurence Turner

Honestly couldn’t recommend Surrey Driving Force enough! They are amazing! My instructor was Steve, who is so friendly and supportive! I’m a nervous driver however with the help and support of Steve I passed my first test first time with no minors! And I couldn’t thank Steve enough! He always put me at ease and was so patient when teaching me to drive. The force helped me so much with driving and I often took mock test with other instructors from the force, which was really helpful in giving me insight into what the driving test would feel like! So Thank-you to Leon, David and Pete for the mock test experiences! And for building my confidence up! So if your looking to learn to drive, Surrey Driving Force is the company to learn with! Thank-you all so much!

‎Hayley Marchant

I really recommend David as an instructor, he was really patient and friendly, always explained everything really clearly and had several different approaches to try if I found something challenging. I was quite nervous at times but David really put me at ease, I felt very prepared and passed first time! Big thank you to David!

Fairlie Kirkpatrick Baird

MASSIVE thank you to Debbie at SDF, thanks to you I passed first time! She was always so patient and explained everything step by step and throughly! Always made me feel at ease. Would highly highly recommend Debbie. Thank you you for being the best instructor!!!

Jordan Camp

100% recommend this company to anyone. I had Steve as my driving instructor and can say he has brilliant techniques to teach people, as well as having a great attitude towards learners, he always knows how to bring positive thinking to the table and is great character to be around. Made the learning experience so much more enjoyable. Also had a few first lessons with Leon, who is also a great driving instructor! They prepare you for all aspects of driving and really go above and beyond for their students.

Sophie-jo Louise

Thanks so much to steve for making me feel confident driving so I could pass first time with one minor- I’ve had loads of fun with you over the past couple of months

Aisling Marken

Where do I begin? Steve has been without a doubt the BEST driving instructor I have ever had. When I finally passed I had ben learning on off for 4 years since I was 17. I finally passed 5th time with Steve today in Chertsey. Despite the fails, the tears and my on non-belief in myself Steve has always believed in me and encouraged me not to give up when at times I couldn’t see a positive outcome. Steve is a warm, funny and kind instructor and he made learning to drive a truly enjoyable experience. All of the instructors on Surrey Driving force are in a league of their own and are high quality, experienced instructors. I will really miss Steve and could not recommend him enough, my pass today is as much his success as mine, Love Tam xx

Tamsin Stevenson

I highly recommend Steve and the Surrey Driving Force! He went above and beyond to ensure that I passed my test first time. He was a very patient, clear, friendly and funny instructor. He also helped to improve my driving drastically within a short space of time. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher or driving learning experience.

Saphia Ezziane

So happy I passed my test today at the first time of trying with just 4minors! Big thanks to Rob Andrews he built up my confidence to enable me to pass first time. Would highly recommend!

Darren Clarke

Vince was an amazing instructor. Extremely patient, thorough and professional, he made me feel at ease throughout the process.

Lesley-Anne Macf

I can’t thank Rob Andrews enough for teaching me to drive. I was incredibly nervous to start driving (I had no previous driving experience) but Rob could read my body language and tailored his teaching to suit me precisely. Whenever I’d make a mistake, he would never shout at me, but instead would make light of the situation in a way I’d remember so I wouldn’t make the same mistakes again. Having driving lessons with Rob was a joy as he made me laugh regularly whilst teaching thoroughly. Rob gave me the confidence boost I needed to get on the roads and pass first time. If you’re a nervous character like myself, I’d recommend Rob absolutely any day, as I felt relaxed within 10 minutes of meeting him on our first

Claudia Militello

Passed with one minor, thoroughly recommend

Matthea Swan

My experience was great! Joanne, my instructor, guided me well and we focused on my weak points from the first lesson. She also helped me realise where I needed to work and pay extra attention and I could feel I definitely improved my driving skills with the lessons. By the time of the test, I felt very confident and passed on the first try! Definitely recommended!

Mateo Torres

My daughter has just passed, first time with the help from Steve. Amazing instructor with a huge amount of patience and will go the extra length needed to get you through your test. 100% recommend Steve 😊

Ella Farmer

Debbie is an amazing instructor, always very calm in my lessons and made me feel at ease with my tests that I previously always felt nervous in. Thank you so much!

Cayti Wilson

Passed today! Rob Andrews was great at keeping me focussed and staying safe. Only got 4 minors and am really excited to start driving independently

Emilie Felsing

Just want to say a massive thank you to my instructor, Joanne. She was always so calm and patient. If I didn’t get it right the first time, it was never an issue and she took the time to explain everything to me. I finally passed first time yesterday Also, thank you to Steve as he was always happy to answer all of my questions with quick responses. I would highly recommend Surrey Driving Force to any friends and family that are looking to learn to drive.

Mannarin Burapa

Carnt recomend enough passed 1st time with Surrey driving force with 0 minnors. I had an intense course and 3 mock tests which made me feel thouroughly prepared for the test day. 🎉🤩🚙🚗

Ellie-Mae Dowling

Passed my test first time today with just 2 minors with Rob Andrews as my driving instructor he really settled my nerves today and throughout has been an incredible teacher, I felt really at ease whenever I got in a car with him and as a nervous person, that was really important to me! Thanks Rob!

Lucy Rosher

First time pass with Rob Andrews! Only one minor. Very excited to start driving now independently! Rob thank you so much, you have been wonderful and always made me feel at ease! Always going above and beyond to support me and send me extra information to ensure I knew exactly what I was doing. I sincerely recommend Rob to anyone who is thinking of starting their driving lessons.

Emily John

I finally passed my driving tests after few months of learning with my instructor Steve. I get really nervous behind wheels but he taught me to drive safely and confidently. Steve is such a patient instructor and gives me great solutions when I mistakes instead of putting pressure on me. Definitely will recommend this company because they teach you how to drive safely and cautiously on the road.

Maria Angelica Dancel Amsb

Well what can I say, Thank you for such an incredible job you have done and a service you had provided. I was on such a tight schedule to pass my license to help me with all my future plans and wow. I found online whilst in search for an intensive driving instructor, lots of great comments about such instructor named Leon Loyal, to describe my situation better I had under 3 weeks to pass, Leon set me up on a 30hour intensive course and by the 28th hour Leon said and guaranteed I was ready and was definitely not wrong, on the 01/05/2019 I took my test and passed with only 1 minor! Extremely recommended! Hope you all make the right decision and almost guarantee your pass also! Thanks again!!

Brad Stevens

Debbie was an outstanding instructor! She was so experienced, encouraging and patient with me, and was the definitely the reason I passed first time! I would recommend her to anyone! 😊

Rob Moody

Debbie was an amazing instructor , always so patient and so calm. Would highly recommend her, always looked forward to our lessons 🚗x

Sophie Annabelle Smith

Steve was a great instructor and extremely helpful.

Andrea Buckingham

David is a kind and patient instructor, would recommend to anyone

Mariana Wyatt

Excellent, I had David Smith as my instructor and he was really good, he was very patient as I’m not the easiest to teach and I passed with flying colours! Would recommend to anyone learning to drive

Joshua Armstrong

Had rob Andrews as an instructor top quality very efficient good learning techniques had fun whilst also learning! Would give him 10/10!!! First time pass with just 3 minors well pleased!!!!

George Obey Raynham

I would highly recommend Steve and Surrey Driving Force to anyone looking to learn how to drive! Steve is such a good instructor. He’s friendly, funny and reliable. He made me feel so at ease during my lessons and he taught me so well. He puts in so much time and effort when teaching, and thanks to him I passed with very few minors. A massive thank you to both Steve and Surrey Driving Force!

Melanija Krstić

I was taught by David Smith, fantastic instructor. Very patient and reassuring, exactly what I needed. Would highly recommend him to anyone.

Hannah Murray

Steve was an absolutely fantastic driving instructor. After initially learning to drive a few years ago I was left really nervous behind the wheel. Deciding to relearn with Surrey driving force, Steve made me feel so at ease and at the end of my lessons a really confident driver. I passed today first time with 0 minors!! Cannot recommend enough!

Alanis Robson

My instructor David Smith was very patient with me, being a very nervous late learner it took him a lot of encouraging but i believed in myself jn the end and passed 1st time with confidence.nkw i have so much freedom! highly recommended

Steph Holt

I learned with David and passed first time! He helped me feel at ease and was a clear and encouraging teacher. 5 stars!

Emily Howling

Highly recommend. I learned to drive with David and he was great. Very patient and thorough! 5 STARS!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

‎Fern Ward‎

I passed my test thanks to David smith I highly recommend him as an instructor

Aaron Callaghan

just passed first time with 10 hours of lessons thanks to the surrey driving force, very friendly instructors i learnt so quickly!! was extremely helpful being able to practice with the instructors in my own car and having a mock test.

Ella Buckingham

highly recommend Steve, a brilliant driving instructor, friendly and reliable. Already recommended to a couple of friends, and we are all happy with the service we have received.

Frankie Burgess

Today I passed my driving test!! Honestly I can’t thank Steve from Surrey driving force enough. I’m usually quite a shy person however Steve is honestly so easy to get on with and is such a great driving teacher. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive, he’s the best in the business and will not disappoint!

Maddie Willoughby

I had Debbie Aston as my driving instructor and it was such a fun experience. She was incredibly adaptable to my learning needs and very patient with me as I had a lack of confidence in my abilities. I passed on my second time with 5 minors and I think that was down to the incredible amount of support and guidance she gave me a long the way. Thank you so much Debbie, was a pleasure!

Maddie West

Would highly recommend Vince as an instructor…he has been incredibly patient with me and my nerves 😅 passed today first time so thanks again Vince!!

Leanne Mc Guire

When I started driving I was very nervous driver and didn’t really like driving but Rob Andrews encourage me and made sure that I was confident and sure of everything I was doing !
I am very happy I passed my test first time today with 5 minors !

Charlotte Fisher

Happy I passed first time with three minors with Rob Andrews! 😊 I recommend him to anyone looking for a driving instructor who will help you feel confident and prepared for your test. He is very enthusiastic about teaching driving, and has lots of methods to help you understand what to do. 5 stars

Maisie Ruby Marshall

1st time pass with only 2 minors!! Can’t recommend Rob Andrews enough, extremely thorough and made me feel completely at ease from minute one. Would highly recommend.

5stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Darren Bedford

Just passed first time with only 2 minors! Very big thank you to Rob Andrews as my instructor the whole way through. The lessons and materials provided were top notch. I would absolutely recommend.

Darrell Pearce

A massive thank you to Steve for being a brilliant driving instructor and helping me this year. I was a very nervous driver to begin with but Steve’s professionalism and teaching has massively built my confidence. Very happy to say I passed today first time with only 2 minors! I highly recommend learning with Surrey Driving Force! 🙂

Lucy Gibbard

Steve was such an amazing instructor and I got so confident so quick. He helped me pass with 0 minors and I’m so grateful, definitely recommend

Jordana Duncan

A huge thank you to Steve for going above and beyond to help me pass my driving test! I couldn’t have done it without all your patience and support and thank you for making each lesson enjoyable while also pushing me to my full potential. I would without a highly highly recommend Surrey Drive Force!

Marija Nonkovic

My instructor David Smith was fantastic and he helped me to pass my test and rebuild my confidence in driving after negative experiences with previous instructors. He was extremely patient and understanding – thank you!

Katie Scarlett Kohn

10 star definitely. I had only nine driving lessons and one more before the test. I passed the driving test on my first attempt. My instructor was Vince, who was very patient and knowledgeable.
Thanks to the team and very Merry Christmas

Dejan Dimitrov

Massive thank you to my driving instructor Rob Schifano. Passed first time this morning at the Chertsey test centre. Rob helped me grow my confidence and simplified things for me. Highly recommend!

Lauren Hurlow

A massive thank you to David Smith for being a brilliant instructor the 6 months! Starting as a very nervous driver, David was calming, patient and me feel very comfortable and in control of the car. He challenged me when needed and helped me to believe in myself as a driver. So very pleased to say I passed yesterday morning first time, thank you David, I could not have done it without your continued support!

Katie Binder

Big thanks to Rob Andrews for his teaching over the past few months. Professional, supportive and fun too! Glad to say I passed first time this morning, ready for Christmas and a New Year on the road!

Tim Barker

I have just passed my test with 3 minors. I learnt with driving instructor Neill who made my lessons fun and driving an enjoyable experience. The mock tests provided helped with my preparation for my test and calmed my nerves. I would recommend SDF to anyone wanting to learn to drive

Ava Sullivan

I was a really nervous driver to begin with but would highly recommend SDF to anyone wanting to learn how to drive. David Smith was my instructor and really helped with calming my nerves and teaching me everything I needed to know in a professional but also friendly way. Passed yesterday, very happy. Thank you

Caitlin O’Hara

Fantastic ! I will always recommend this driving school, especially Steve, he has helped me so much through the entire experiece, explaining everything and had a lot of patience which made me feel comfortable.

Marta Magdalena Presz

It was a pleasure learning with surrey driving force. Thank you so much for helping me pass Rob Andrews and all your hard work

Mweemba Ntembe

First time pass with 4 minors, so happy and excited to finally be driving. I kept constanly having driving lessons and then i got too nervous and stopped, then i found rob, who really helped me concentrate and calmed all my nerves before the test, big thanks to Rob Andrews who was an amazing instructor

Caitrin Bourke

“Amazing teacher,flexible lesson times and can always have a laugh with you x”

Leah Burnham

“First time PASS thanks to mr Robert Andrews ho support in totally. It was a pleasure to work whit the best. Thank Rob”

Marius Tinelu

“Highly recommend David Smith. Very patient and polite, made me feel calm and in control. I’ve recommended friends to David also!”

Natalie Smith

“Rob was an amazing instructor he really helped me as much as possible. Teaching all he can while also having a couple of laughs in. Overall would recommend Surrey driving force to anyone especially to Rob thank you for the last 6 months.”

Usmaan Rehman

“My overall experience was great. The teacher was friendly, the car was nice, and I passed my practical driving test on my first attempt.”

Terje Theisen

“BEST INSTRUCTOR OF ALL TIME!!! Not only did I pass my test first time, I learned a lot from him about driving safe and being more confident on the road. He is very good at conveying information and making it easy for learners to feel confident. I honestly can’t thank Steve enough!!!!”

Noor Khensous-Tayeb

“Passed first time with 2 minors and having most of my lessons at night with Rob Andrews! Really good instructor ! appreciated all his input and tips and used them during test! That was some good learning Rob!”

Pasi Entaban

“I was taught by Dave and I would thoroughly recommend it. His teaching is non judgemental and friendly. He is also flexible and accommodating – I learnt around full time work.”

Greg Goss-Durant

“Just passed my driving test first time thanks to Rob Andrews at SDF! Rob is an amazing instructor if you’re nervous about driving as I was, he will do all he can to prepare you for your test. Rob built up my confidence on the road gradually and taught me to drive with conviction while keeping lessons manageable and funny! I wholeheartedly recommend Rob as an instructor.”

Maaian Chavez

“Just passed with 4 minors today couldn’t have done it without the help of Rob Andrews he’s been fantastic.”

Reece Marriott

“I have been trying to get my license for two years all over the country and finally passed with Surrey Driving Force. Steve is an amazing instructor who helped me through my anxiety and got me to pass the first time I tried with him.”

Carmel van der Weide

“I’d highly recommend Rob Andrews as an instructor. He’s very friendly, very thorough and helps to explain everything you need to know. He prides himself on his pupils passing first time; which I did with 3 minors, thanks to him.”

Leo Garvey

“First time pass with just 3 minors with rob Andrews, he was very supportive and on the day he really helped me with my nerves and I think that’s the reason I passed, I would definitely recommend Surrey driving force and rob x”

Cassidy Meade

“First time pass 4 minors very happy and would like to shoutout rob Andrews who was a fabulous instructor and really calmed me down come test day very friendly and would thoroughly recommend. 5 stars.”

Shaun Pate

“Excellent company. Really professional and quick response to any enquiry. Passed my test first time today with only 3 minors.  Can highly recommend.
Extremely happy to have passed very sad to say goodbye to my instructor she was amazing! Thankyou so much.”

Rachel Smart

“Thank you very much Andy Butler for your devoted teaching and for helping me get fully prepare and confidence on my test! Much appreciated of your effort and knowledge!”

Gil Azulay

“Fantastic experience with stephen. Fab bants and even better teaching. Never complained about travelling out of his way for my lessons. Would highly reccomend for teaching newbies to driving!”

Henry Clements

“Rob Andrews was very helpful and I passed my driving test first time with just 4 minus!”

Túlio Paiva

“Want to say thankyou to My driving instructor Robert Schifano for being a great instructor I highly recommend surrey driving force and Robert in particular.”

Bethany Southam

“Yaayyy Passed 1st time today with just 4 minors Thanks to Rob Andrews who helped me on this journey. Very helpful, kept me focused and overall helped me passed my test. 100% would recommend.”

Shannon Townsend

“Thank you so much to John Ryan from Surrey Driving force who helped me to pass my test!He was my second instructor ,He is very helpful and with his patience ,kindness,made me feel really confident which is help me a lot.I would definitely recommend him!Thank you again John everything!”

Josephine Sz

“DEBBIE ASTON. Debbie was by far one of the best instructors I’ve come across, she is so patient and relaxed and made my lessons and test so comfortable. I would 1000% recommend her to any new drivers. You won’t be disappointed. Debbie helped me pass first time with 1 minor.”

Karun Aujla

“I would like to thank my super driving instructor Vince! thank you again for your effective teaching strategy in driving and for being best instructor! I would recommend instructor Vince 110% !”

Laura Pikturnaitė

“I have really enjoyed my lessons with Surrey Driving Force! My driving instructor Leon was incredibly calm and patient which always put me at ease. This was incredibly beneficial and made learning to drive a much more positive experience. He was good at explaining things and was flexible around my work schedule. I managed to pass first time so very happy – Thanks Leon!”

Iona Lee

“Just passed my test with 0 minors, of which i am over the moon for. Could not have done it without Rob Andrews who, has proven to be a superb driving intructor. Would highly reccommend!!!”

Javier Cespedes Torres

“Its been pleasure learning from SDF specially from Vince. He is very much flexible with timings as i was running around all the time with my work. Very happy to pass in 1st attempt. Five star to SDF.”

Deepak Kumar Sahoo

“I am ecstatic to have passed my test with only 4 minors!!! Debbie Aston was a fantastic teacher that made me feel confident on the road. Not only is she an amazing teacher but she is bubbly and friendly – and through all the hard work I am happy I can hold that blue certificate in my hands all with Debbies help!”

Aniqa Kaderbhai

“So happy to say I passed my test today with only 4 minors! I want to thank John for all of his amazing help and support! I felt completely at ease in the car and truly enjoyed every lesson and I now feel safe and happy to drive on the roads by myself! Thank you John!”

Poppy Linehan

“I am really excited to have passed today with just two minors, thanks so much to my instructor Rob Andrews, who has been wonderful and encouraging the entire time he has taught me. I am an extremely nervous person, and suffer from anxiety, but Rob has been so supportive and patient, it has been a pleasure to have him as my instructor. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Sakura Byrne

“Just passed my test with Rob Andrews my instructor and he was brilliant and learnt a lot from him. 10/10 would recommend to everyone. 5 star lad”

Hannah Joslyn

“1 minor, first time pass, well over the moon. Rob Andrews helped me to tame my aggressive driving style and now every journey is relaxing and safe! His motivational attitude helped me to perfect my driving skills.”

Damian Desilva

“Hi I just passed my test and I have no words to say how thankful I am to have Andy as my instructor. He always was so patient,always on time and he let me bring my baby with me when I needed …. I had such a bad experience with my first instructor from a very popular drive school… and I completely lost my confidence … with Andy I got my confidence back and i started to believe in myself, and today I am happy with my drive lincese in my hand … thank you very much for everything Andy.”


“I would like to thank Debbie Aston for being a great teacher and a friend to me over the last 6 months. She worked with me around my diary with a newborn, showed endless patience and made sure whatever happened we could have a laugh about it and carry on! I feel like I have had a real cheerleader in Debbie, someone on my side, in it to see me succeed, believing in me even when I did not. We have had great chats, a good laugh and ultimately Debbie had made me a good driver – what more could you ask for? Thanks for everything Debbie!”

Emma Williams

“Thank you Neil for getting me through my test. Your patients and relaxed nature, made my lessons enjoyable. I appreciate advice you have given me. Thanks once again.”

Fraser Brennan

“I am very please to have passed my test today, having had Debbie Aston as my instructor. I could not have had a more amazing instructor. Debbie was so kind and calm during our lessons and gave such clear instructions when teaching me. She made my learning experience so enjoyable, thank you Debbie!!”

Caspar Grey

“I cannot say enough good things about Debbie. She is the most fantastic driving instructor and wonderful person. From the moment I started my driving lessons she put me at ease, and made me feel very confident about driving. When I made a mistake she gave good feedback and remained completely calm. I passed with only a handful of lessons with her. I cannot her enough for her kindness, patients and tolerance. She has a great sense of humour too! THANK YOU DEBBIE XXXXX”

Lily Robson

“Instructors amazing! (Steve) very welcoming”

Jodie Reid

“I cannot say enough good things about Debbie. She is the most fantastic driving instructor and wonderful person. From the moment I started my driving lessons she put me at ease, and made me feel very confident about driving. When I made a mistake she gave good feedback and remained completely calm. I passed with only a handful of lessons with her. I cannot her enough for her kindness, patients and tolerance. She has a great sense of humour too! THANK YOU DEBBIE XXXXX”

Lily Amos