“I rang about 10 driving schools when I was looking for an instructor, and they all jumped straight to the price and sounded like it was all about sales. Steve from Surrey Driving Force called me and talked to me for 20mins about what I am looking for etc without even mentioning prices until I asked which is why I requested he personally be my instructor. I also didn’t find anyone cheaper which was a bonus. I was a very nervous driver but Steve really helped me feel calm and safe whilst driving and reassured me that he wouldn’t let anything happen which really helped my confidence. The quality of teaching is great and yet he made the lessons fun with his banter and ‘jokes’. I always looked forward to my lessons with him. He encouraged me to get used to reading road signs so after I passed I didn’t even bother with a sat nav as I am used to following road signs. The great thing about my lessons was that they were never rushed unlike some other stories I’ve heard of (not with Surrey Driving Force). At the beginning when I was scared to drive on main roads, Steve would pick me up and drive me somewhere and then I would drive for an hour and then he would take me back. So you always get at least the full hour. I hear people say they only did 10mins of driving on their first lesson and 50mins talking but my first ‘hour’ lesson was a lot of talking AND nearly an hours driving for the price of one hour. Another great thing is the cars are nice and new! I learned in 2011 with a 11 plate new Fiesta. Lovely cars! Overall, it was a great learning experience with Steve, he is a great guy and really fun to have teach you. I’d happily recommend them to anyone. Oh and Steve managed to get me passed first time which makes him a miracle worker!”