The 27th April 2015 could potentially be a very important day in the history of the driving test. It was on this day that a young driver in Scotland passed his test after following 20 minutes worth of directions from a SatNav to start his test.

Approximately 1,000 learner drivers are expected to take part in the trial by the end of the year.

If the trial is successful, it could be the biggest shake up of the test since the written theory exam was introduced in 1996.

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Further Changes Ahead?

The changes, proposed by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency), could see the three-point turn and reversing round a corner scrapped.

These will be replaced with more commonplace manoeuvres such as reversing out of a parking bay.

Candidates will also be asked safety questions while on the move, instead of at the start, and asked to operate switches such as screen heaters, according to the DVSA.

The changes are designed to “better reflect real driving”, explained DVSA spokesman.

Urging Caution

However, we would certainly urge caution in regards to removing manoeuvres such as a three-point turn, as this could be absolutely essential if the SatNav was to lead you in the wrong direction (i.e. down a dead end road).

In the mean time, you can be certain that Surrey Driving Force, will remain at the forefront of cutting edge driving techniques to ensure that all of our learner drivers are fully prepared for their driving test.

More Information

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