Information recently released by the AA indicated that approximately a third of people fail their theory test at the first time of asking.

Whilst there is absolutely not shame whatsoever in failing your test, it can prove to be very expensive if it takes you a few goes to get that all important pass and to be perfectly honest, by doing the right studying, we have complete confidence that you will be able to nail it the first time that you take it.

Why Do People Fail?

Some people just struggle with the pressure of taking a test but the most common reasons Are You Prepared For Your Driving Theory Test?for failing the driving theory test are simply forgetting the rules of the road and unbelievably not bringing the right documentation along with them!!

Whilst we all have moments of forgetfulness, it really is something that should be avoided and can be easily sorted by remembering both parts of your driving licence.

Keep Practicing

As with all aspects of driving, practice really does make perfect and this is definitely the case when studying for the theory test. We have had many students at our driving school in Surrey which have failed first time but with the help provided by extra revision, they have passed with flying colours the next time around.

If you are looking for some additional help, the DSA themselves has also created this How to pass the theory test YouTube video to give you the best possible chance of success.

Do Not Take Chances

Passing the theory test is the essential first step on the way to passing the practical driving test. Because of this, there have unfortunately been a number of documented cases of people trying to bypass the system by having someone take it in their place. This is what one man who failed the theory test 18 times attempted to do, only to be caught and handed a nine-month suspended jail term, along with 200 hours of community service.

According to a report in the Mirror, in a bid to pass the theory test, Ali Mohammed paid hundreds of pounds on a ‘ringer’ to sit the test for him. Incredibly this was not the first time that he had attempted to do this and even more incredibly it was the SECOND time that he had been caught!!

Trying to cheat the theory test is a serious criminal offence and one that may prevent you from achieving your dream of driving. Do not be another Mr Mohammed; a combination of the resources available and a bit of hard work will allow you to pass the test without resorting to underhand methods.

Further Information

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