Whether we like it or not, parking is a fundamental part of driving in the UK. Whether it is parking on your drive, a road, your workplace car park, a multi-story car park or anywhere else, there can be no avoiding the fact that when you take your car out on the road, at some point, you will need to leave it somewhere!

Startling Figures

A recent survey highlighted some startling figures relating to the quality of European drivers parking skills.

A third of drivers prang cars while parking

Survey finds that 33% of drivers across Europe have damaged their cars while parking in the last five years

According to new research commissioned by Nissan, a third of European drivers have had Are Your Parking Skills Up To Scratch?a parking incident that involved them damaging their car in the last five years.

The research asked 9,177 respondents in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain about parking prangs and found that 33% reported damaging their car in the last five years, with 16% of those suffering car damage while in the act of parking.

In four out of five of the countries surveyed, reversing is the manoeuvre that drivers find most challenging: 45% of all parking bumps come while going backwards (in Italy, 51% of bumps were caused while in reverse).

For more on this survey, please visit the Express website via the following link – http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/cars/571884/Third-drivers-prang-car-parking

Offering a Helping Hand

Fortunately, even if you are struggling with your parking skills, a number of the manoeuvres that we teach can be applied to parking.

Visiting our dedicated YouTube channel  will give you some additional insight into some of the most effective methods of parking.

However, if you would like to take things a step further by refreshing your driving skills, please contact us.