THERE are new driving laws being conceived, altered and put into force every year as the road network changes and as cars adapt. Here are a list of new rules coming into force this year anyhow you could be punished or fined if caught breaking them.

A number of new driving laws will come into force in 2018.Road laws and rules are changing over the coming 12 months and could become more complicated for drivers across the UK.Over 2017 a number of new laws were introduced, which included increased fines for  and an alteration into .

In 2018 there is set to be an even bigger shake-up to the driving laws and road rules in Britain which will see more regulations imposed on motorists.

Here are new rules that are set to be announced over the course of 2018:

Car Tax Diesel

Changes to are coming into force in April 2018.

New MOT Rules

From May 2018 thewhich will see the introduction of new failure and defect categories.

The test will now categorise defects as either Minor, Major or Dangerous.

Under the new rules drivers that receive a Major or Dangerous fault will automatically fail their MOT test.

Drivers can still pass if they receive a Minor fault, but it will be noted down on the car’s MOT certificate.

Red X 

Drivers could soon be penalised in the UK for driving in a motorway land that is delineated by a red X.

The red X refers to a lane closure, for example if there has been an accident further down the road.

Roadside cameras would automatically detect drivers flouting the rules and indues a fixed penalty notice of £100 and three penalty points.

Leaner Drivers Motorway 

 in the UK if a consultation on the matter is approved.

Under the current system only drivers that opt for advanced motorway driving course such as Pass Plus will be trained to drive on the motorway.

From this year, learner drivers could, however, be allowed to have lessons to teach them how to safely use the motorway network.

Graduated Driving Licence

Prime Minister Theresa May has called for a  to be introduced.

A probationary period has also been proposed which would mean that certain restrictions are imposed on new drivers for up to two years after they pass their practical test.

Under the proposals drivers would be restricted from driving at night time and carrying passengers under 25 years of age unless supervised.


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