Now I have passed my test is there anything I can do to make my car better to
drive, or cheaper to run?

Most modern cars lack responsiveness meaning you’re never quite sure if the throttle will react as fast as you want it to pulling out into traffic at busy junctions or roundabouts, or when overtaking, robbing you of confidence.  They also lack ‘flexibility’, meaning low-rev power is not what it could be, causing you to change gear more often than should be necessary, or revving the engine higher than you’d like.

Luckily, most engines can be re-tuned though a process called ‘remapping’, making them not just more responsive and flexible but also, in the case of diesels in particular, more fuel efficient.  Typical fuel savings on diesels are in the region of 10% or more.

Remapping takes between an hour and an hour and a half to perform, and costs are usually between £225 and £325 depending on the engine.  It is a ‘while you wait’ service, so you don’t need to lose the car for a day.

If the idea of a more responsive, relaxing and economical drive interests you, we’d recommend you contact Expert Tuning.  The owner, Paul, will discuss what you’d like to achieve from your remap and will talk you through the options you have for your car.

Contact details are:

Paul Dunford
Expert Tuning
01883 341774
07525 479932

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