It is not just learner drivers who can find the concept of roundabouts a little challenging. Roundabouts are not used in many places throughout the world and for many visitors to the UK, they can often find themselves baffled and frustrated when they hit the UK roads to be faced with this unique challenge!

Learner drivers often fear crossing a roundabout due to the fact that there is so much happening in a short space of time and quick reactions will be needed in order to move successfully towards their exit.

There are 2 main types of roundabouts on the UK’s roads and during your lessons with us, we will help you to become accustomed to using them both.

Important Information

You will always be alerted to an oncoming roundabout by the presence of a red triangle warning sign on the side of the road.

Typically you can expect to encounter set-ups ranging from a single lane of traffic entering and exiting the roundabout all the way to the much larger multiple lane roundabouts which are often placed in high traffic density areas.

Introducing Mini Roundabouts

The other type of roundabout that you may encounter when out on the road is called a mini roundabout and you can expect to be alerted to their oncoming presence by a road sign which has a blue circle with right pointing white arrows sign preceding the roundabout.

Mini roundabouts are often found in residential areas and although the general procedure for using a mini-roundabout is exactly the same as their larger counterpart but due to their smaller size, they can often be confusing for inexperienced drivers regarding who has priority.

Will I Experience a Roundabout on my Test?

There is a very good chance that there will be a number of varying size roundabouts are on the driving test routes for your driving test centre and as such, you can expect that your test will often involves taking the most challenging roundabouts in your area.

Most learner drivers are likely to encounter a combination of larger multi-lane roundabouts and mini roundabouts during a driving test if available within the test centre location.

The following video from explores this in further detail.