Once you feel as though you have fully come to grips with the routine for approaching and leaving simpler junctions which are found on quieter roads with little or no support from your instructor, the time to move on to dealing with busier junctions with much more traffic will arrive.

In particular, our lessons will help you learn how to cross or join moderately busy traffic streams as you emerge from or enter junctions on roads with varying speed restrictions.

Keys to Emerging From Busier Junctions

Before you can emerge into a major road with traffic streams you will need to find a gap in the traffic sufficient to build up your speed to theirs either from the right when turning left or from the left when turning right.

There are a number of basic keys which must be mastered in order to enter and exit a busy junction successfully and these can be broken down into keys below.

  • Focusing on timing your approach, assessing the gaps in the traffic and then having the driving skill and confidence to move away safely and quickly.
  • Where the situation safely permits, timing your approach to a busy junction so that you can emerge or cross the path of oncoming traffic safely without the need to stop.
  • Finding the position in the road which provides the maximum levels of safety and vision at junctions with restricted sight-lines;
  • Learning the skills needed to judge the speed and distance of approaching traffic in order to accurately determine the size of gap necessary to join or cross traffic streams without impeding the progress of other road users;
  • Move away swiftly away from side roads onto major roads when a safe opportunity arises.

The following video from https://www.learnerdriving.com explores this in further detail.