It is inevitable that at some point when out on the road, you will encounter crossroads and whilst they may look a little daunting, with the proper training from Surrey Driving Force, you will quickly be able to master the skills needed to navigate these intersections with the minimum of fuss.

What Are Crossroads?

The definition of crossroads definition refers to a place where two or more roads cross each other forming an intersection.

It is certain that a variety of different types of crossroads will come across your path on your driving test route and it is therefore essential that you feel comfortable when approaching them.

Different Crossroads

As an inexperienced driver, it is very important to quickly come to grips with the different types of crossroad junctions that you may encounter in order to allow you the time needed to anticipate and deal with any potential hazards associated with it.

The types of crossroads in the UK vary greatly and can be found in quiet residential areas all the way to  hectic multi-lane systems is busy areas. Crossroads can often cause confusion for inexperienced drivers but through our comprehensive level of training, we will help you to come to terms with these at an early stage.

Accidents at Crossroads

It is an unfortunate but avoidable fact that crossroads often represent a hotspot for road traffic accidents and this is one of the main reasons that crossroad junctions play a primary role in the modern day driving test.

Drivers must not forget that crossroads not only provide an intersection for motorists, but also for cyclists and pedestrians. Unfortunately when so many different variables are all condensed into one fairly small area, it is little surprise that accidents can happen.

During our lessons we will take all of the time needed to gain a full understanding of the potential hazards surrounding crossroads and difficult junctions to help minimise the risk of causing or being involved in an accident.

Please Note – The way learner drivers handle crossroads on their driving test can often be the difference between success and failure. A failure to either use them correctly themselves or to respond correctly to another driver’s mistakes will be viewed as a serious error.

Dealing with Crossroads

This tutorial explains the different types of crossroads, how to deal with crossroads, who has right of way at crossroads and nearside / offside explained.

The following video from explores approaching crossroads and more difficult junctions in further detail.