Once you feel confident and comfortable using the basic control skills needed to successfully drive a car, you will be ready to take a step forward with your tuition by beginning to learn the skills and procedures which are a crucial element of safely navigating ourselves round the UK’s network of roads.

Typically when you reach this stage, we will tailor our lessons to start with basic junctions (and in particular learning the skills needed to both turn safely into side roads and also to emerge from them).

To be able to execute this skill correctly, you will be required to execute the ‘Hazard Drill’ – a set of skills which we will be able to teach you.

What is the Hazard Drill?

Essentially, the ‘Hazard Drill’ is a procedure which has been created to help you deal with road hazards in the safest possible manner and is a simplified version of the system that the police use to control their cars.

By mastering these skills you will be able to safely approach junctions along with being able to overtake stationary or slow moving vehicles.

Approaching Junctions – Turning Left

This very useful drill will enable to you safely turn in to a side road on the left.

Please Note – It is absolutely essential to remember when you turn left into a side road, you have priority over any traffic which may be coming from the right. However, you can never make any assumptions about other road users and as such you should always make sure that any traffic turning from the right is waiting for you to turn.

Approaching Junctions – Turning Right

The ‘Hazard Drill’ can also be used to help you turn safely into a side road on the right.

The following video from https://www.learnerdriving.com explores the ‘Hazard Drill’ and approaching basic junctions in further detail.