By now you will have shown enough skill and confidence behind the wheel to be allowed out on the roads.

Whilst there are a number of essential skills needed to become a safe and competent driver, showing fast reflexes with the ‘emergency stop’ is arguably one of the most important due to the fact that it can literally prove to be the difference between being involved in an accident and avoiding one.

Because of the importance of this skill, you may actually be asked to reproduce this during your test but with our help, you have absolutely nothing to worry about as we will be able to teach you all that you need to know to produce this manoeuvre safely when needed.

Why Might I Be Tested?

The emergency stop is used to demonstrate your ability to take immediate and effective action whenever the need arises.

When it comes to taking the driving test, the emergency stop is one of the manoeuvres that you may be asked to perform and therefore it is crucial that all learner drivers learn and perfect exactly what they must do before taking their test.

You won’t know that your driving test will involve the emergency stop procedure until the examiner asks you during the test. Generally speaking, for every three driving tests that the examiner assesses, one of these will involve the emergency stop exercise.

If you are a driving test candidate that the examiner has chosen the emergency stop for, at some point during the driving test, the examiner will ask you to park up on the left. Once the car is secured safely by applying the handbrake and selecting neutral, the examiner will inform you that they wish you to demonstrate the emergency stop procedure.

This procedure is nothing to worry about and throughout your lessons with Surrey Driving Force, we will teach you all that you need to know to ensure that it causes you no problems if it comes up during your driving test.

The following video from explores this in further detail.