Mastering both progressive and eco-safe driving techniques will help elevate your driving skills to an advanced level.

Both of these techniques share a number of similarities but whereas progressive driving is focused on making maximum progress for the road, traffic and weather conditions without risking safety, eco-safe driving focuses more on a fuel saving strategy.

About Progressive Driving

Because progressive driving is a concept focused on ensuring that you make the maximum progress without risking safety, this requires a higher level of driving skill along with an enhanced ability to plan ahead, particularly when you are overtaking or negotiating bends in the road.

About Eco-Safe Driving

Eco-safe driving is a style of driving which offers a number of benefits to drivers. This type of driving is not about driving slower when out on the road and is instead about avoiding excess wastage of fuel through unnecessary acceleration or braking, inefficient use of the gears and speeding (i.e. exceeding permitted limits or driving at speeds unsafe for the prevailing conditions).

Not only can mastering this skill help to save money on your vehicle’s fuel bill, it is also excellent for the environment and can result in significant savings in regards to the emissions being released from your car.

The skills required for effective eco-safe driving include excellent hazard perception along with defensive driving and progressive driving skills.

The following video from explores this in further detail.