Town and City Centre driving is very likely to throw a variety of situations at drivers which they are unlikely to encounter elsewhere in such a concentrated area.

Driving in these areas are likely to result in encounters with hazards and conditions including one way systems; bus, cycle and possibly tram lanes; and various parking restrictions.

During this stage of your tuition we will help you to learn how to how to comfortably cope with other road users in busy town and city centres.

Traffic queues

One of the biggest causes of frustration for drivers in town and city centres, is the increased chances of finding yourself stuck in a queue.

Traffic queues can sometimes make it difficult to get into the right lane and therefore an increased awareness to help ensure that you move into your designated lane at the earliest appropriate stage is very important.

However, regardless of the amount of forward planning that you do,  there is every chance that there may be time when you may signal to change lanes and rely upon the courtesy of another driver to allow you to merge in front of them. However, in these circumstances you must allow traffic to keep flowing in your current lane and be prepared to abandon your manoeuvre if no one lets you in.

Learning New Skills

Town and City Centre driving will lead you to master many new skills, including:

  • Easy identification of hazards unique to or common in busy town or city centres;
  • Early identification of one-way streets;
  • Gaining a general sense of all round awareness;
  • Improved levels of on road courtesy to help allow traffic to keep flowing wherever possible;
  • The consistent ability to merge with or join queuing traffic streams from side roads or other lanes;
  • Easy identification of cycle, bus and tram lanes;
  • Recognise parking and traffic flow restrictions.

The following video from explores this in further detail.