Another manoeuvre which you must master during your tuition is known as the turn in the road (formally known as the ‘3 point turn’).

The purpose of this particular manoeuvre is gaining the ability to turn the car to face the opposite direction by using the steering wheel along with both forward and reverse gears.

By the time you reach the stage where you are learning this, you will have mastered all the component skills which are required in order to successfully complete this manoeuvre; i.e. an angled start along with the ability to reverse to both the left and the right.

Top Tip – The key to this manoeuvre is fast steering and slow speed via good clutch control

As with all manoeuvres, one of the most important aspects of the process is demonstrating to the examiner that you have the ideal technique to complete the move quickly and accurately.

During your lessons with us, we will explain this manoeuvre, along with the others, via a step by step guide and will provide you with plenty of reference points on the way to make the turn in the road procedure easier for you to complete successfully.

By performing the turn in the road on your test exactly as you have learned during your tuition, you will have no problems passing this section of the driving test.

The following video from explores this in further detail.