Bay parking is one of 4 essential manoeuvres that you must master before sitting your driving test.

Considered by many to be the trickiest of the standard manoeuvres, it is actually the one that you are least likely to encounter on your test due to not all driving test centres having bay parking bays available. On occasions however, your examiner may ensure that you travel to a different test centre that has bay parking facilities to conduct the manoeuvre during your test.

Instilling 100% Confidence

However, there is no need for worry or concern because during your lessons with us, we will take all of the steps needed to ensure that you feel 100% confident in your ability to execute this manoeuvre.

As a high quality driving school, we will provide you with all the instructions, easy to follow guides and reference points needed to ensure that bay parking is as easy as it can possibly be.

Whilst there are no specific rules to the bay parking manoeuvre, your driving instructor will expect you to demonstrate 3 key points.

These points are:

  • Accuracy – To park the car within the lines of the parking space and not too close to a car on either side.
  • Control – Demonstrate the ability to keep the speed of the car under control through the use of the clutch and effective steering techniques.
  • Observation – Demonstrating an ability to constantly offer all-round observation throughout the bay parking manoeuvre.

The following video from explores this in further detail.