Along with your general driving skills, we will also teach you a number of essential manoeuvres which must be mastered as a part of your tuition. The first of these manoeuvres involves being able to perform a straight line reverse.

No Tricks

Just as the name implies, to perform a straight line reverse, you will have to do no more than reverse your vehicle in a straight line and then stop in a smooth and calm fashion. The ability to perform this common driving manoeuvre will not only help to prepare you for life on the road when you have passed your test but is also something that you may be required to perform during your test, along with:

  • Reverse round a corner
  • Reverse parking
  • Bay parking
  • Turn in the road

The first time that you attempt to reverse the car can be quite a nervous occasion as you will find that visibility and car control are more difficult. However, our tuition will help to ensure that you quickly find your feet and complete this manoeuvre with little fuss when required.

We will not wait until you have mastered all other driving skills before focusing on the manoeuvres and as such, this may be introduced at any point after the co-ordination driving lesson and can be combined with one or more of the forward driving lessons.

It is essential that all of the reversing manoeuvres is taught in the relevant order because the skills you will learn during completion of the first manoeuvre will then become the sub skills for the next manoeuvre and so on. All the reversing manoeuvres should be undertaken in quiet housing estates or car parks.

The following video from explores this in further detail.