Surrey Driving Force offer an excellent and diverse range of driving tuition to each individual learner driver to ensure that you receive the best possible opportunity to pass your driving test at the earliest possible date.

Brilliant Value

To give you a chance to see us in action before deciding whether to continue with your driving lessons, the first 2 introductory lessons from the leader of driving schools Chertsey has to offer are available at the brilliant price of just £15 each.

Wonderful Team of Expert Driving Instructors

Our team of expert driving instructors possess all of the skills that are necessary Driving Lessons Chertseyto ensure that your levels of confidence start high and never drop throughout your driving tuition.

Confidence is key to your driving tuition because if you feel confident about what you are doing there is a much greater chance that you will enjoy yourself as well. Because of this we ensure that our entire team of male and female driving instructors at Surrey Driving Force are all highly skilled at building the confidence of all learner drivers using the premier standard of driving schools Chertsey has to offer.

To ensure that you feel completely comfortable whilst undertaking your driving lessons, our wonderful team of driving instructors includes both male and female driving instructors. All of whom are experienced, knowledgeable and above all friendly.

Ultimate Mock Test

To ensure that our learner drivers receive a full and complete level of preparation, we provide a variation of the mock driving test which accurately simulates that test conditions that you will encounter on your big day.

This mock practical driving test will be given by an instructor with whom you are unfamiliar; this guarantees that the atmosphere throughout the test will be much closer to the experience of the real test and will help remove the fear of the unknown for you.

We have received an excellent level of feedback from our former pupils in regard to this mock test as it has proved to be a vital part of the preparation for the test.

Tremendous Pass Rates

The quality of the driving tuition that you will receive from Surrey Driving Force is backed up by the fact that our learner drivers have attained a first time pass rate for our pupils which is currently over 20% above the national average.

Wide Range of Tuition

The leader of driving schools Chertsey has to offer can provide an eclectic range of driving tuition which is certain to include something for anyone wishing to enhance their driving skills.

Regardless of whether you are very inexperienced and would like to take your very first lesson or are much more experienced and would like to complete the driving tuition which will enable you to become an advanced driver, our expert team of instructors provide a tremendous level of tuition.

Further Information

If you would like to receive any further information regarding the premier standard of driving schools Chertsey has to offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by either calling 0845 190 2012, texting LESSONS to 81066 or e-mailing