Driving lessons offer a route to one of life’s great rites of passage – passing your driving test! Few things offer the opportunity to increase independence and freedom more than passing your driving test and with Surrey Driving Force our learner drivers receive the opportunity to hone their skills in a structured environment with one eye firmly on passing your driving test at all times.

With Surrey Driving Force you can learn to drive and pass your test in a professional and enjoyable atmosphere.

Many of our learner drivers are students at TASIS, The American School in England, based in Thorpe, Surrey but our driving Driving Lessons Nescot College, Surreytuition has been designed to enable individuals, of all ages, to successfully learn to drive away from normal everyday pressures.

After an initial assessment of your requirements and expectations, we will place you with an instructor most suited to inspire confidence in you and give you the best opportunity of becoming the best possible driver.

Fun & Exciting

We have a very friendly and patient approach to teaching you to drive. Our school employs a great team of DSA approved instructors who excel at creating the perfect learning environment. The more you can relax, the more you can learn. We also want your experience of learning to drive to be fun and exciting.

We understand that everybody is different, some learner drivers may never have driven before and be nervous and require of lots of practice and encouragement. Others however may have gained previous experience with driving with members of the family, in another country, or with another driving school, and just need a few hours to perfect the skills they have already developed in order to pass their driving test.

Male & Female Instructors Available

The team at Surrey Driving Force have the instructor to suit you, whether you prefer someone younger or a more mature person, a male or a female tutor. We can also cater for learner drivers seeking to learn in either a car with manual or automatic transmission.

We offer a range of tuition to suit all pupils needs. Training is adapted for individuals strengths and weaknesses with a range of tuition cars to learn in …We use a mixture of latest technology and traditional methods.

Further Information

If you would like any further details regarding the driving tuition available from Surrey Driving Force, please give us a call on 0845 190 2012 & we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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