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The best driving lessons West Byfleet can provide are offered by Surrey Driving Force which is not only one of the most rapidly expanding driving schools in the South East of England but also has an excellent record of driving tuition attainment.

Innovative Training Methods That Provide Results

Driving Lessons West ByfleetThe leading level of driving lessons we Driving Lessons West Byfleet have to offer is overseen by our talented & seasoned team of instructors who set out to ensure that your lessons are informative and easy to understand.

Our instructors create a comfortable atmosphere which will help to overcome any nervousness and engender a confidence which will help you to progress towards your driving test and will accompany you throughout the remainder of your driving career..

Throughout the premier level of driving lessons we have to offer, we will spend all of the time needed to ensure that you learn everything that you require to develop into a safe and competent driver.

We find that pupils who benefit from the leading driving lessons we have to offer have a first time pass rate which surpasses the national pass rate by over 20%.

A crucial role at Surrey Driving Force is played our Walton based driving instructor, Geoff Shears. He possesses a wealth of driving tuition experience and has all the attributes needed to ensure you are placed in the best possible position to succeed.

Wonderful Pass Rates

Our driving lessons are designed to enable individuals, of all ages, to Driving Lessons West Byfleetsuccessfully learn to drive away from normal everyday pressures. The first time pass rate for Geoff’s students is absolutely tremendous and at the time of writing his last 5 students to attempt their driving test had all passed with flying colours!

By ensuring that your driving lessons in Walton are completed in a friendly and relaxed environment, from your very first lesson right up to the day that you pass your driving test, Geoff ensures that you are taught all the skills and techniques needed to keep you safe on the road for the rest of your life.

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Different Formats Available

The pace at which people learn can differ greatly so our friendly and very patient instructors, including Geoff, ensure that each lesson is specifically designed to each of our individual student’s needs. The driving lessons West Byfleet from Surrey Driving Force are available in a range of different formats & after discussing your requirements with you, we will make an informed recommendation as to which format will offer the best solution for your driving needs.

Many of our students are choosing to complete driving lessons in Walton in the form of an intensive course of lessons. With an intensive driving course you’ll get the chance to frequently practice your new skills, and look to take a driving test at the end of your course.

Book your driving lessons West Byfleet with Surrey Driving Force and we’ll do everything within our power to ensure you are opened up to a whole new level of independence in no time. We’ve got the best instructors and we don’t just want you to pass your test….we’ll help you fly through it!

Realistic Mock Practical Driving Test

No corners are cut during the premier driving lessons we have to offer .Evidence of this is the mock test taken under the guidance of one of our instructors with whom you are not familiar.

The instructor will point out any areas which need to be addressed. This helps to ensure that when the time arrives for you to take your actual driving test, you are fully prepared for all eventualities.

We consider that this guidance is invaluable & has proved of exceptional benefit to all who undertake a mock test.

Diverse Range of Tuition

The leading driving lessons we can supply offers the first 2 lessons at just £15 each. Absolute beginner or seasoned veteran, we offer an extensive assortment of tuition to help you achieve your aims. We are confident that whichever type of course that you decide to undertake, your driving skills will be enhanced.

The range of tuition we offer includes:

  • Motorway tuition
  • Pass Plus
  • Advanced driving tuition
  • Refresher courses
  • Intensive courses
  • ADI training

Pass Plus

We strongly recommend to all of the pupils who have undertaken the premier driving lessons Richmond we have to offer that they complete the Pass Plus course once they have passed their driving test.

Taking this course can be extremely helpful to all newly qualified drivers. It shows them how to deal with the unexpected and also offers reductions in first year premiums from participating firms. There is no exam to pass at the end of the course as everything related to Pass Plus is module based.

Lessons Available Throughout Surrey & Middlesex

The leading driving lessons we have to offer are also available throughout the whole of Middlesex and Surrey.

What Makes Us Different?

Surrey Driving Force offers first-class driving lessons across most of the Surrey area and further afield. Established in 2007, we offer great value for money and the service we provide is second to none.

Our aim is to teach you to drive safely and confidently in a few lessons as possible. However, we also want you to enjoy learning to drive which is why we only have driving instructors in Surrey who are friendly, enthusiastic and passionate about what they do.

Further Information

If you would like to receive any further information regarding the premier standard of driving lessons West Byfleet has to offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by either calling 0845 190 2012, texting LESSONS to 81066 or emailing enquiries@surreydrivingforce.com

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