This is widely acknowledged to be one of the cardinal sins whilst driving. However, this is still not enough to stop people using the phone whilst behind the wheel. A danger to others as well as themselves, it cannot be stated strongly enough that using your mobile phone whilst driving is dangerous.

This significant danger is being reflected in the increased penalties for drivers caught using a phone whilst driving. Regardless of whether it is the first time they have been caught.

“Drivers in England, Scotland and Wales caught using a mobile phone for the first time will automatically receive penalty points, under government plans.”

Previously, motorists in some police force areas could avoid points by taking a remedial driving course.

But ministers believe it is not a tough enough measure to deter people from using a hand-held phone while driving.

They have also confirmed plans to raise fines for offences from £100 to £200 and penalty points from three to six.

The scrapping of the driving course option is among several measures announced in a government response to a consultation on punishments for drivers caught using hand-held phones.

The government first announced in September that it was going to increase fines and double penalty points.

Details of the new measures, which are due to take effect next year, follow the jailing last month of lorry driver Tomasz Kroker, who killed a mother and three children while distracted by his phone.

Ministers will also launch a consultation on dangerous driving offences by the end of the year.

Speaking during a visit to India, Mrs May said she wanted to make using a mobile phone at the wheel as socially unacceptable as drink-driving.

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