The practical driving test is the culmination of your hard work during your lessons. By the time you are ready for your test, you can be certain that you will have learned all of the skills needed to pass with flying colours but we want to make sure that nerves don’t take over and try to de-rail all of your hard work.

Below we have identified 10 of the best tips to help keep those all important nerves in check.

No. 1 – Get In First – Why wait to take your test in the evening? If an early slot is available book yourself in for first thing in the morning and avoid the risk of the nerves building throughout the day.

No. 2 – Keep The Date To Yourself – Well wishes from friends and family are very kind but they do tend to ramp up the pressure as you do not want to let anyone down. It’s ok to keep the date a secret and surprise everyone with your results when you pass!

No. 3 – Don’t Listen to ‘Horror Stories’ – Seemingly everyone has a tale to tell about a driving test ‘horror story’. The majority of which are probably not true and even if they are, they are not premonitions about what will happen to you.

No. 4 – Pick Your Time Wisely – Try to book the test so it does not coincide with other stressful events (just prior to school exams or in the middle of wedding preparations etc).

No. 5 – Keep Up With The Mock Tests – Mock tests can make a huge difference in regards to preparation. The more times that you pass a mock test, the greater your self belief when you take the real thing.

No. 6 – Practice in Your Head – It is a proven fact that the ability envisage the successful completion of a task can significantly help the ability to do it for real.

No. 7 – Don’t Demonise Your Instructor – Contrary to some forms of belief, driving examiners are only human and the absolutely do not want you to fail!

No. 8 – Lower Your Expectations – We all like to be perfect but the truth is, you do not need to be absolutely perfect to pass your test. Concentrate on the essentials. If you make a mistake, keep calm and concentrate on your driving, depending on the mistake, it does not have to result in test failure.

No. 9 – Don’t Worry About Making Conversation – The examiner is just there to do their job and will not want to put you off by talking too much, don’t take it personally if there is not much conversation.

No. 10 – Believe! – If you instructor does not believe that you are ready to pass your test, they would not advise you to submit your application. If they believe in you, then so should you!

By following these 10 tips you will give yourself a great chance of passing your test!!



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