Arguments have raged for years regarding learner drivers, qualified motorists and driving instructors throughout the world regarding which type of lessons can ultimately prove to be more beneficial – automatic or manual.

What is the Difference?

Essentially the difference between manual driving lessons and automatic driving lessons in Surrey boils down to the following:

  • Manual transmission vehicle also known as standard transmission; typically is driver-operated wherein the driver uses the gear stick and clutch to be able to move.
  • Automatic transmission also known as automatic gearbox can automatically change gears as the vehicle moves.

Different Viewpoints

Everyone has their own unique perspective regarding which is better for a driver. Whilst Automatic v Manual – Which Would Be Best For You?some look for optimised convenience, others look to factor in their level of control whilst driving. Neither school of thought is wrong, it is just a driver’s choice that creates the distinction.

Understandably, everybody wants the best of the best, and if you are considering making an investment in buying an automobile, then there is a lot to consider.

Vehicle Cost and Maintenance Compared

Traditionally, vehicles with a manual transmission cost let than vehicles with an automatic transmission.

Because of the way a manual transmission is set up, it is easier to work on than an automatic, resulting in easier repairs when the need arises. This means that it will take a technician less time to repair and in turn, the cost will be less. In older models, fluids need to be removed and replaced according to the manufacturer’s specification.

Automatic vehicles are more costly to be overhauled and serviced. Additionally, the unit price is more expensive for automatic compared to that of a manually operated vehicle, with additional parts also costing significantly more than their manual transmission counterparts.

Fuel Efficiency Compared

The convenience offered by automatic vehicles is nearly always counterbalanced by the fact that they are less fuel efficient.

If you are price conscious regarding your petrol costs (we don’t blame you if you are!!), driving a manual transmission vehicle can save up to 10% in petrol costs!

Vehicle Control and Operation

When learning to drive, there are a variety of different aspects which must be taken into account, some of which can be a little overwhelming at first. With the constant observation of mirrors, steering wheel to handle, potential hazards and navigation all to focus on, the addition of thinking about changing gear can sometimes be too much for some drivers.

However, learning to drive in a car with an automatic transmission ensures that there is one less thing to think about.