For the optimistic learner drivers amongst you, the term ‘automatic Automatic Driving Lessons Middlesexdriving lessons’ can insinuate that the car may drive itself! Unfortunately this is not the case but this doesn’t stop automatic driving lessons becoming an increasingly popular method of completing driving tuition.

Why Learn To Drive In An Automatic Car?

Te term ‘automatic driving lessons’ refers to driving lessons which will be completed in a car with an automatic gearbox and at Surrey Driving for we provide the leading standard of automatic driving lessons Middlesex has to offer. There are several reasons why people may choose this form of tuition but by some distance the most common is the fact that it removes what many people consider to be the most difficult part of learning to drive – clutch control.

As you don’t have to use the clutch when changing gears whilst driving it allows you to worry less about gear changes & you can instead concentrate more on the road ahead. Clutch control can sometimes be difficult to come to grips with & by removing this aspect of driving, you may find that you are ready for your driving test earlier. This can result in you saving money over the course of your tuition.

Things To Remember

Although you will still be legally qualified to drive a car after you have passed your practical driving test in an automatic car, it is important to note that you are NOT qualified to drive a manual car.

In regards to purchasing a car once you have passed your test, although still considered by some to be restrictive, this does not pose nearly the problem that it once did in regards to the number of cars which will be available to purchase because ere is now a much larger range of automatic cars from which to choose from. We have also found that many drivers who have learned to drive with manual gears actually prefer to drive automatics.

Top Quality Automatic Driving Lessons

The premier level of automatic driving lessons Middlesex has to offer is all provided by our fully qualified driving instructors who operate to the highest standards. Our service is always professional, friendly & courteous & our lessons offer tremendous value for money.

We are extremely proud of the safe, confident drivers we have produced.

Prices For Our Automatic Driving Lesson

Automatic driving lessons are slightly more expensive than standard driving lessons & are available for just £2 per hour over and above the standard rate for all lessons.

For a complete list of the prices for the best automatic driving lessons Middlesex has to offer, please visit the prices page on our main site here.