If you’re struggling to learn how to drive, then trying an automatic can prove to be ideal as the learning curve is very shallow for new drivers. Because there is no clutch pedal; there is no need to worry about stalling, crunching your gears, or finding the bite point, some of the most troublesome aspects of learning to drive for many people. This means that you are free to concentrate on the road.

Increased Learning Speed

The name ‘automatic driving lessons’ might be slightly misleading. As much as people would love to be able to hop into a car that will do all of the driving for you, we can’t offer that just yet!

By removing the aspects of driving referred to above, you can substantially reduce the Could Automatic Driving Lessons Be The Key To Unlocking Your Driving Skillsnumber of lessons that you need to be ready for your test as you have much less to think about whilst driving & therefore be in a position to become driving test ready at a much earlier stage.

Cars with an automatic transmission can also offer a great alternative for people who have limited use of their legs or arms and are also suitable for people with a variety of different disabilities or learning difficulties. We also encourage older learners who feel they left things a bit late to consider automatic driving lessons.

Please Note

It is very important that you note though that, if you pass your driving test in an automatic car, you will only be able to legally drive an automatic car. You will be able to learn to drive a manual car at any point in the future but you must pass a driving test in a manual car to be able to legally drive one afterwards.

Even though controlling the car is easier, you must still learn the rules of the road. The test is of a very high standard and this is not to be under estimated! If you are still unsure whether or not auto is the choice for you, give the team at SDF a call and we will be happy to advise you on what the best option is for you!