Unfortunately the term ‘automatic driving lessons’ doesn’t quite yet refer Automatic Driving Lesson Surreyto taking your lessons in a car which drives itself!! If you would like to learn how to drive in a car with an automatic gearbox though, look no further than Surrey Driving Force to provide the premier level of automatic driving lessons Surrey has to offer.

Our automatic driving lessons provide great value for money and we charge just over £2 above the standard lesson price for all automatic driving lessons.

Significant Benefits

There are a many reasons why people choose to learn how to drive in a car with an automatic gearbox such as, medical or physical reasons but by far the most common reason is a wish to remove the need to master clutch control.

By removing this aspect of driving, you can concentrate more on the road, particularly when you are first learning to drive which can help you to progress through your driving tuition at a faster rate.

Things To Remember

If you do decide to complete the premier standard of automatic driving lessons Surrey has to offer, it is vitally important to note that if you pass your driving test in an automatic car, you will only be able to drive an automatic vehicle.

The option will always be available for you to take a practical driving test in a manual drive car at some point in the future though.

First Class Automatic Driving Lessons

All automatic driving lessons we provide are by driving instructors who are fully qualified to the highest standard, offering professional, courteous, friendly training at unrivalled value for money.

We are very proud of the safe, confident drivers we have trained.

As Well As Surrey Driving Lessons We Offer:

The team at Surrey Driving Force also offer a wide and varied range of driving tuition which can be tailored to enable our learner drivers to achieve almost any goal.

Areas Covered

As well as providing the highest quality automatic driving lessons in Surrey has to offer, Surrey Driving Force also provide high quality driving tuition throughout all areas of Middlesex.

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