Our advanced driving courses can help drivers in many ways. It’s fair to say that most drivers already consider themselves to be good drivers, but like most things in life, you can always learn more.

Advanced Driving Saves You Money

As well as teaching you to drive more safely and increasing your awareness to potential hazards, advanced driving can save you money in two ways. Firstly we cover the correct time to change gears and other tips to ensure maximum fuel economy. Secondly, following successful completion of the All Road Training advanced driving test you can save around 25% on your annual car insurance.

Anyone Can Be an Advanced Driver

Advanced driving courses aren’t just for older, more experienced drivers. This courses if for anyone who would like to drive more safely, economically, with an increased awareness for others and above all, enjoy driving!

You may even be nervous or uncomfortable when you are driving a car and this course will give you the reassurance that you have all the skills andtraining you possibly can in order to feel safe and confident behind the wheel.

Avoid Costly Accidents

Many of todays road users have been involved in road accidents, even if it is not fault of their own. An insurance claim normally results in you being out of pocket in one way or another, affecting no claims bonuses and being without your car for a period of time. Our advanced driving training will show you how many accidents can be avoided, simply by increased awareness. Even taking into consideration bad drivers on the road, with our training you can avoid situations that are no fault of your own such as being hit from behind.

The Advanced Driving Test

Following our advanced driving lessons, if you decide to, you can take the stringent All Road Training advanced driving test. This test is actually graded and the grade you are awarded determines your future insurance discount.

Covering Surrey and The South East

Surrey Driving Force have fully qualified driving instructors with many years experience and our head office is based close to Surrey, in Egham Surrey. We operate throughout the South East and also offer driving lessons in Shepperton, Weybridge and Egham to name but a few.

Book your advanced driving course with Surrey Driving Force today by calling us on 0845 190 2012 or text LESSONS to 81066 or emailing enquiries@surreydrivingforce.co.uk

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