Tempting though it can be sometimes, and as much as you would like to, unfortunately you can’t simply buy a car, turn on the engine and drive away. 

By putting your trust in Surrey Driving Force to provide your driving lessons you will be well along the road to passing your driving test and a successful driving career.

The 6 driving courses listed below are just a small variety of the courses available from SDF but give an insight into the depth of knowledge that our driving school can provide.

  • No. 1 – Motorway tuition
  • No. 2 – Pass Plus
  • No. 3 – Advanced driving tuition
  • No. 4 – Refresher courses
  • No. 5 – Intensive courses
  • No. 6 – ADI training

The 6 courses above offer 6 reasons why Surrey Driving Force are the fastest growing school in the whole area. By choosing us, you will be able to receive a comprehensive range of lessons that will fully prepare you for anything that life on the road my throw your way.

We give you the opportunity to take the driver’s seat, offering personal, enjoyable and enlightening lessons to anyone who requires quality tuition and excellent instruction.

Our training is available to any driver with any level of previous experience, from first time learners and beginners to those more confident and looking for a bit of help to pass the test. We also cater for drivers who have already passed their test, but who are looking to brush up their skills.

Tremendous Introductory Rates

Our lessons are available at the great price of just £15 for each of your first 4 introductory Driving Instructor Surrey lessons. This gives all of our clients the perfect opportunity to see us at work before deciding whether we are the right driving school for you.

Not only do our lessons offer excellent value, they are also prove to work! Our first time pass rate is currently 20% above the national average, so you can rest assured that you will stay in safe hands with us.

Full Range of Driving Tuition

Learning to drive can enhance your opportunities and strengthen your choices in life, whether they are career related or simply casual, so if you are fed up of waiting at the bus stop, here at Surrey Driving Force we can make this a thing of the past.

We do not just teach learner drivers the skills that they need to become excellent drivers, we also provide a wide range of driving tuition that has been designed to increase the skills of more experienced drivers.

Achieving Goals Quickly

We understand that you will be nervous when you start your lessons and because of this we use all of our experience to create a friendly and relaxed environment which will give you every chance to succeed and achieve your driving goals quickly. At no stage throughout our lessons will we try and pressure you into moving at learning pace which is quicker than is right for you and will spend all of the time needed to ensure that you learn all of the skills that you require to develop into a safe & confident driver.

Realistic Mock Test

A key component of our tuition is our variation of the mock driving test. We do not believe in taking chances of liberties with the preparation for your practical driving test and experience has taught us that a realistic mock driving test can play a pivotal role in ensuring your preparation is complete.

By ensuring your mock driving test is completed with an instructor with whom you are unfamiliar, we find that more realistic conditions are created and will better prepare you for what to expect on your big day. The feedback that you receive after you have completed your mock driving test can provide you with an invaluable insight into any areas that you may need a little more work to ensure you are 100% ready for the real thing.

Further Information

If you would like any further details regarding the driving tuition available from Surrey Driving Force, please give us a call on 0845 190 2012 & we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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