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Eco-Safe Driving Surrey

Eco-Safe Driving Surrey

With today's ever increasing fuel prices, and with desire to cut down carbon emissions that can damage the planet, eco-safe driving has become a common phrase. However, eco-safe driving is not a new concept, in fact many drivers have been practicing eco-safe driving without even realising it. The concept is quite simple - by avoiding hard acceleration and sharp braking, and instead driving in a sensible steady manner at a sensible speed, fuel consumption can be vastly improved, thereby reducing the carbon emissions of your vehicle.

Whilst you may or may not care about the harm that so called 'gas guzzlers' do to the planet, it's fair to say that most people would rather their petrol or diesel takes them as far as possible.

Should I Care About Eco-Safe Driving?

Yes, from 10 September 2008, if you're sitting a driving test, you’ll also be assessed on your ability to drive or ride in a way that shows eco-safe driving techniques.

Eco Safe Driving at Surrey Driving Force

As part of our standard driving lessons, we promote eco-safe driving and offer hints, tips and guidance on how to best drive your car in an eco-safe way. We also offer specialist eco-safe driving lessons in Surrey for both learner drivers and drivers that have already passed their test.

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If you would like more information about eco-safe driving or to book eco-safe driving lessons in Surrey, please call or text us on 0845 190 2012 or emailing

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